How much does a sauna and steam room cost per month?

22nd August 2017 | Debbie Ekins

How much does it cost to run a sauna and steam room?

Before deciding if you are going to commit to buying. You not only want to know how much a sauna and steam room will cost initially. But how much it is going to cost to run a sauna and steam room per month.

You wouldn’t buy a car if you couldn’t afford to put petrol in it. And you shouldn’t install a sauna or a steam room if you can’t afford to run it monthly. Otherwise, the money spent on installing it will be a waste, instead of an investment.

But, the good news is that saunas and steam rooms require very little maintenance. Because of this, it is surprisingly economical to run a sauna and steam room.Read more – How much does it cost to buy a home sauna?

How much electricity does a sauna or steam room use?

A standard household sauna and steam room run of a 6Kw heater. We will assume the average household rate of electricity is 13p/kW hour. And, that you use your sauna/steam room for approx. 30 mins a day (10 mins warming up + 20 mins using).

Approx monthly electricity cost: £0.78per day or approx £23.40/month (each).


What is the difference between a sauna and steam room?

Any other costs?

There is very little other maintenance in a sauna or a steam room, apart from cleaning.

We would recommend having the sauna stove or steam generator serviced 6 monthly, or yearly, to check everything is working correctly, and to pre-empt any problems before they escalate. 

Approx yearly cost: On average, a service will cost you approx. £168 in the Glasgow area (although this can vary on postcode and time spent on site).


Steam room

You may need to use a descaler routinely. However, this will not be essential often in Scotland, as we have very soft water. And will be more likely used in a commercial setting than in your own home.

Cost, when needed, is £20.10/kg



The main expense in a sauna is replacing the elements due to breakage. In a domestic sauna, you will not need to replace them often. The main cause of them corroding or snapping is overzealous water application (usually in commercial settings).

Each sauna stove usually has three elements. If these need to be replaced they are between £60-£100 each depending on the stove and elements. But we do stress, domestic elements rarely need to be replaced.


Why are my sauna elements breaking?


In Summary

So that’s it.

Running costs are low at under £25/month (assuming daily use).

On top of that, you may need to factor in a yearly maintenance visit. Plus, some elements or cleaner occasionally.

But, all in all, while saunas and steam rooms have a fairly high initial outlay. They have a very low monthly upkeep cost. 


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