Should I hire a hot tub?

11th September 2017 | Debbie Ekins


If you’re wanting a little bit of luxury for a weekend. You might consider hiring a hot tub.

Across Scotland, companies are popping up that let you hire a portable acrylic or inflatable hot tub.

You can choose how long you want to hire the hot tub for.

Whether it’s for the whole month. Or just over a couple of days.

The hot tub hire company deliver it, set it all up and leave you to enjoy the relaxation of a hot tub for however long you want.

Does Eagle Leisure offer hot tub hire?

At Eagle Leisure, we don’t offer hot tub hire.

But, we do get asked a lot about it?

Why don’t we do it?

Firstly, we exclusively sell Coast Spa hot tubs. Which, if you haven’t already heard us say a million times, is a premium hot tub manufacturer.

Coast Spa hot tubs deserve a top quality forever home. 

Most hot tub hires are either inflatable hot tubs. Or cheaper acrylic hot tubs.

Moving them about repeatedly, and leaving them in homes which might not care about them as much as an owner would, means they have the potential to get damaged. Most hot tub hire companies don’t want to invest a lot of money in something they will need to replace due to damage. 

Secondly, Coast Spas are really heavy. About 20% heavier than other hot tubs. Due to their exceptionally well-built shell. 

It would be difficult and expensive to constantly move them about. Although they are fully portable, we usually use the assistance of a hi-ab for easy and safe movement. As a business, hot tub rental isn’t a feasible part of our business. 

We leave hot tub hire to those who specialise it in. We stick to selling really great hot tubs. And repairing not so great hot tubs.


Coast Spa hot tub

Should you hire a hot tub?

Hiring a hot tub can be great. 

But there are also a couple of drawbacks to hiring a hot tub.

Don’t let them put you off. Just be aware of them before you buy.


Why you should hire a hot tub

We like to look on the bright side of life here at Eagle Leisure. So, let’s start with the reasons you should hire a hot tub in Scotland (or anywhere really).


Luxury, on a budget

Bring the high life to you, without spending a fortune.

Hiring a hot tub can be a great, and economical, option for a little bit of luxury on a budget.

Hire prices range. But local Scotland hot tub hire companies cost approx. £50-200 for the week.

You don’t need to worry about any of the maintenance or upkeep. Just lie back and relax. 


Try before you buy

Have you been thinking about buying a hot tub for a while? But are unsure whether you want to commit to it without trying one first.

While you probably won’t end up buying the exact one that you hire. Hiring a hot tub can be a great way of discovering how much use you would get out of a hot tub.

Plus you can get a feel for the features that are top of the wish list. And which ones you could maybe do without.

It’s a pretty enjoyable way to do some in-depth market research.


Why shouldn’t you hire a hot tub?

We wouldn’t be doing our job of educating the hot tub nation if we didn’t let you know about some of the down sides to hiring a hot tub.


Damage can cost you

Recently, someone contacted us, to say their hired hot tub was accidentally damaged during their hire. The hire company now wanted them to shell out over £3000 in damages.

That’s a lot of money. In fact, you’re half (or full) way to buying a brand new hot tub.

The benefit of hiring a hot tub is that you get to enjoy it, without being responsible for the up-keep. But the downside to that is, you don’t know how old the hot tub is, or what servicing work has been carried out on it. Essentially, you don’t know how good the condition of the hot tub is before you hire it. 

Something could go wrong during your hire. In the above case, the shell cracked. And you are left liable. Even though the hot tub could potentially be 10 years old, with hundreds of hires. 

Our advice: Make sure your hot tub hire company has an insurance policy in place. Yes, if damage occurs you will lose your deposit. But you should not be expected to shell out for the entire repair or replacement hot tub. 


Long term hires are not cheap

Splashing out £50 for a weekend might seem like a bargain. But hot tub hire over the long term isn’t so cheap. 

Our advice: We recommend hiring a hot tub for the very short term if you’re doing it.

Hire a hot tub for one week, if you are thinking about buying one of your own. And then decide if you think it would be a worthwhile investment. Don’t continue to spend money renting something if you are in the position to buy.

Even a really great, premium hot tub will cost you a couple of £s/day over the lifetime of the hot tub. A better bargain than continuing to rent.


eagle leisures’ tips for hot tub hire?

  1. Go with a reputable company: Make sure they have insurance against any accidental damage that might occur. So you don’t end up paying for it.
  2. Get a good hot tub: Especially if you are using it as a trial run for your own purchase. An inflatable hot tub only uses bubble jets. You won’t get the full benefit of hydrotherapy, and you might be left feeling a bit deflated.  We would suggest going for a proper portable acrylic hot tub hire, so you get the full health and well-being benefits. 


In Summary

Hot tub hire can be a great idea for adding a little bit of luxury to your weekend at a low cost. Or, for trying before you buy.

But we would recommend only hiring for a short term or else it can get pretty expensive. And make sure you are going for a reputable company that has an insurance policy just in case. The last thing you want to do is end up with a bill of £3000 for your weekend.


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