How much does it cost to buy a sauna?


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Finland is consistently voted one of the happiest countries in the world and we’re gonna put at least a small part of this down to the fact that they have so many saunas.

For a country of just over five million people they have over three million saunas. They have them in their homes. They have them in their workplaces and they even have them in the House of Parliament.

And in the UK it’s becoming less and less of a foreign idea to also have a sauna in your home.

So, if you’re thinking about gettin’ a sauna how much can you expect to spend on a sauna?

What can affect the price of a sauna?

There are two main things that are going to affect the price of your sauna.

#1 Size

Generally speaking, the larger the sauna the higher the price is gonna be, more parts and more labour means a higher price.

#2 Quality of parts

There’s two main parts to your sauna. The first is your stove, which is usually electric. You want to make sure that you’ve got a good stove. A good quality stove that’s going to last as it’s the thing that heats the room. 

The second thing is wood. Which, forms the structure of the cabin. You need to ensure the wood is suitable for use in a sauna. We use sustainable Scandinavian Spruce. There are other options, but most importantly, your wood needs to be kiln dried, which means it’s been dried in an intense heat to reduce the moisture (below 20%).

Your sauna will heat up to 100 degrees. A standard B&Q tongue and grove wood will not do. It will dry out in the heat and crack. Or it’s going to burn. So, either way, you need to make sure that you’re using a kiln dried wood suitable for saunas.

How much does a sauna cost?

So, that being said, saunas will range in price between about £900 upwards of £10,000.

As I said, it varies with size, so depending on what size you want could really vary the price to really as high up as you want to go.

There are two types of saunas, kit built saunas and custom built saunas.

A kit built sauna you’ll be able to get between about £900 and £10,000.

Kit build sauna

Kit built saunas come fabricated, with four sides and one roof. You construct it on site, or the company that sold it to you builds it. You can get a ‘kit’ built sauna online between £900 – £2000. But I would urge you to consider what I said about the quality of the stove and the wood.

If you do want a really great quality ‘kit’ sauna, and you don’t have many restrictions in terms of space and shape, then I would recommend Harvia or Tylo. They have some really good kit options, and they even have a bit of variation in the shape as well. They will be upwards of £2500.

custom build sauna

The second type of sauna is a custom built sauna.

We used to offer kit built saunas, but we just found them very restrictive in terms of size and shape and usually people wanted something a wee bit different for their home.

So, we now exclusively offer custom built Spoke saunas which means that we send a team of joiners to your house and they build your sauna on site, to perfectly suit your specifications. This gives us complete flexibility over the design of the sauna and also gives us complete control over the workmanship so that we can make sure a really excellent quality product is being installed in your home exactly as you want it.

In most cases custom built saunas aren’t actually any more expensive than a kit sauna, especially if you’re looking a the comparable high quality kit saunas. Our customers on average spend between £5,500 and £7500 on a sauna, although this can vary depending on features that you want.

If you do want a full glass front or LED lighting or the slate stone back. That can take up towards about £10,000.

Because it is completely by bespoke, we don’t have a price list on our website. Because everyone is a slightly different. In 90% of the cases, you can work out the price of your sauna by using a simple formula.

Linear metres x £880 = Price inclusive of VAT

eg. 8 linear metres x £880 = £7040 inc. VAT

In Summary

So, in conclusion, a sauna can cost you anywhere between 900 and 10,000 pounds.

If you’re looking at a kit sauna, it’ll be between about £900 and £10,000, with £900 to £2000 being the cheaper ones that we urge you to stay away from. And, £2500 and £10,000 being a better quality Scandinavian manufacturer such as Harvia and Tylo.

And, if you’re looking for something a wee bit different or you’re really restricted in size or you want something a different shape you might want to go for a custom built sauna which we supply. On average the cost is approx. £5500 to £7500. Although if you do want a lot of extra features you might spend up to £10,000.

If you’re interested in getting a sauna come in and visit us in the showroom. This lovely sauna behind me is in our showroom and we can talk about what kind of sauna we can get for you and what price your sauna would be.


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