What do you need before you install a home steam room?

before i install a home steam room
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What to do before you install a home steam room

Steam rooms are in many way a little more complex that saunas. And so there are a few more things that you will need to think about before your home steam room installation.

Planning for these before hand will ensure that there are no delays or problems with your steam room installation. 

The main things you will need to consider before steam room installation are:

1. Size of the steam room

2. Water supply

3. Electrical supply

4. Suitable flooring (with a drain)

We look at why these are important and what specific considerations you need to think about with each. 

What size can a home steam room be?

home steam room installationWhat size your steam room is will depend on what kind of steam room you opt for. 

If you go for a kit steam room, then you will be limited to the sizes offered. The good news is you can get a custom built steam room. You’ll likely know the size

Unlike a sauna, the custom built steam rooms aren’t built on site. They are made to order off-site and constructed at your house or commercial site. This means, that while you have a tonne of flexibility in the design one it’s confirmed it cannot be changed. 

Any changes will result in the steam pod not fitting. This means a new one will have to be constructed and will incur additional charges. 

We avoid this by insisting on a site visit before any steam room installation. At this we will personally measure the area with you present to make sure the sizes are exact. One this has been confirmed you cannot change the sizes, so it is worth really considering this and having the flooring, electrical and water supply in place before this stage so you know there will be no alterations. 

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What electrical supply do I need for my steam room?

Steam generators are powered by electricity. This will need to be run from the main board to the steam generator. From there we will connect to the steam generator and then run further cable from the generator into the steam room for any lighting.

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The electrical supply required for your steam room will be dependant on the size of the steam generator. And this will be informed by the size of the steam room you are installing. Yet, another reason to be sure on the size of your steam room before you start prepping. 

Most domestic steam rooms require a single phase 32 AMP supply. But, this will vary. And if you run on three phase this will be different again. 

We strongly recommend you speak to the team installing your steam room before having a cable run to ensure the right supply is installed. 

The electrical cable for the steam room should be run before steam room installation, but after the initial on-site consultation.

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How much does an electrical supply cost?

hot tub electrical supplyWe don’t run the electrical supply from the main board to the steam room so you will need to factor this into your costs for your steam room budget. 
So, how much will it cost to install an electrical supply for a steam room?

It depends. 

The cable will need to run from the main electrical board in your own home to the steam generator. The cost for this will vary depending on:

1. Whether you use a proper qualified electrician (we alwaysrecommend you do this for both safety and regulation).

2. The distance from the board to the steam room.

3. The complexity of the install (eg. Can you go directly from the board to the steam room or does it involve going through loft spaces, or under floors, which it likely will have to, to hide the cabling).

4. Does a new breaker need installed?

Cost for electricians are approx. £35+VAT/hour. Plus any material costs. A simple install would take approx. 4 hours. But it will depend. It could cost anywhere between £180-£800+VAT. We would recommend budgeting between around £250-£300 for install. However, the factors affecting overall cost will be discussed with your electrician on the initial site visit. 

Do we recommend anyone?

Sure. Our next door neighbours are certified electricians. So they can help you out with steam room electrical supply Eastwood Electrical.

Do I need a water supply for my steam room?

water supply steam roomSteam rooms are powered by a steam generator. These are connected to an electrical supply which heats up water to the point of boiling. Then the steam is pushed into the steam room thought a copper pipe inlet. 

Because of this, steam rooms need a dedicated water supply to feed the steam generator. This will need to be in place before the installation of the steam room.

We always recommend a dedicated water supply run off the mains, as if it’s shared it can cause issues with the steam generator not filling up fast enough. This is especially relevant in large or commercial steam rooms with high use as they will need a constant feed of water to ensure enough steam is generated. 

The water supply to the steam generator is usually a cold supply. And this can be run off the mains using copper pipes or something else suitable. 

From there we will connect the water supply into the steam generator. And we will run copper pipes from the steam generator into the steam room to carry the steam.

How much does it cost to run a water supply to a steam room?

It’s likely that you will need to employ a plumber to run a dedicated water supply of the mains from you. The total cost will vary depending on how far the pipes have to be run. Usually the further, the more expensive as a result of both parts and labour. 

Standard plumbers costs are around £35/hour plus materials. On average a job may take around 4 hours to run pipes. So you will be looking at around the £140 for labour, plus the cost of the pipes. 

We would suggest budgeting around £250-£350 for this to be done. This will not be included in you steam room quote so you’ll have to budget on top of this.

What flooring do I need for my steam room?

home steam room installationSteam rooms need a floor that is non-porous like the rest of the room. 

The floor need to be tiled. But most importantly it needs to have a run that leas to a drain. 

This will ensure that when the steam room cools down and the steam room condenses back into water it can run off the walls and seats and drain away. This allows the steam room to dry after use and limits the risk of bacteria thriving in moist and warm conditions. 

How much does a steam room floor cost?

You’ll need to budget for flooring and a tiler for your steam room. There is a massive range of prices with tiles. They can typically rage from £15/square metre up to £150/square metre.  Plus, you will need to factor in the cost of labour for a tiler if this is something you cannot do yourself. This is typically £30/square metre. 

For tiling a standard 2 x 2m steamroom, with standard tiles (£20/square metre) you are looking at a cost of around £200 that you will need to budget on top of your steam room quote.

In summary

Before steam room installation you need to consider these four things to ensure that you are well prepared. This will avoid any delays in installation and any unexpected costs. 

We would always recommend speaking to your steam room installation team to ensure everything that you need is in place. 

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