How much does it cost to install a home sauna?

home sauna cost
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Want to build a home sauna?

VIDEO UPDATE: The cost per linear metre has now changed to £1008inc VAT

A home sauna is the ultimate luxury. 

For years, having a home sauna has been seen as the ultimate indulgance, reserved for the super fancy and rich folks of the world. If you are lucky, you might to experience the joys of a sauna at your local gym or in a 5* hotel.

But us Brits are doing it wrong. In Finland, and other Scandinavian countries, saunas are engrained into the culture. They have them in homes, work places and even the houses of parliment. It help contritube toward keeping them healthy and happy (especially through out the long cold Winters).

At Eagle Leisure, we are on a mission to spread health and happiness throughout the homes of Scotland (it’s a pretty similar job to Santa, but it’s a year-round gig, and we don’t eat as many mince pies).

Because, saunas are great for you!

And, they are more affordable that you think….

How much does a home sauna cost?

There is a massive range in the available sauna cost and quality. 

At one end you can get a sauna for approx. £900. At the high-end, saunas can cost up to £17,000. 

At Eagle Leisure, most of our saunas fall in the range between £7500-£12,000. But this will vary depending on the size and level of customisation. 

The things that will affect the cost of your sauna the most are: 

1. Size. Bigger sauna = more expensive

More wood. More work = more money.

2. Quality of wood + stove. Higher quality = more expensive.

The wood forms the entire cabin. It need’s to be high quality and suitable for the heat of a sauna. We recommend kiln-dried timber for the wall. And knot-free timber for the benching. Standard tongue and groove from B&Q will not stand up to the heat and we do not recommend using it. 

The stove is responsible for heaing the whole sauna. It needs to be correctly sized and powerful enough to heat the room. We use either Harvia or Tylo, depending on budget.


Cost of kit saunas vs custom build saunas

There is more than one way to build a sauna. This will affect both the cost, and the level of customisation that is avilable in your sauna.

Kit sauna (pre-build sauna)

A ‘kit’ Sauna is the Ikea of the Sauna world. It comes flat packed, with 4 sides and one roof. It just needs to be put together. Which you can usually do yourself. Or the company who sold it may offer an installation package. Kit saunas 

Cheap kit saunas cost between £900 and £2000.

High quality Scandinavian kit saunas (such as Harvia or Tylo) can cost anywhere between £2500 and £17,000. They are much better quality. And have a level of customisation options availale.

If you don’t have any size or shape restrictions, a kit Sauna can be a quality and cost effective solution. Provided you buy from a quality supplier and manufacturer.

Custom build sauna (bespoke)

home saunaWe used to offer off-the shelf kit saunas. But we found that for indoor saunas people usually had size restrictions. And they wanted to utilise all the space they had on offer. 

Plus, the lack of personalisation didn’t suit us. We wanted to be able to fully customise the sauna, and build it exactly the way our customers wanted. 

So, for the last few years, we have exclusively offered bespoke, custom built saunas.

Our team of joiners comes out to your house and build the Sauna from scratch. Exactly the way you want it.

Not only do we have complete flexibility over the design. But we also have complete control over the quality of workmanship, so we can be sure that we are installing a beautifully designed and perfect quality sauna.

We’ve built Saunas in garages, in spare room, bathrooms, and even a Harry Potter style sauna in the cupboard under the stairs. Any spare space that you have, we can fit a sauna into it.


The cost of a custom built home sauna

Custom built means every single sauna is different. So there is no one price. On average, our customers spend between £7500 – £12,000. But it does vary.

Plus, as it’s fully customisable, you can add features including a full glass font, slate stone wall panel and LED lighting. Which, could take the price up to around £10,000 – £12,000. 

To figure out the cost of your sauna you can use the below forumla:


Add all the sides to give you linear metres

Linear metres x £1008


Base price inc. VAT 


For more details on pricing please download the sauna pricelist.

In summary

Saunas cost anywhere between £900 – £17,000. The size and quality of the sauna will affect the price. 

Kit Saunas are between £900 – £17,000. With good ones starting at around £2,500 and increasing depending on size and make. 

If you want something a bit more unique, or if you have specific dimension in mind, you might consider a custom build sauna. The average cost in Scotland for these is approx. £7,500 – £12,000. But varies depending on size, and optional upgrades. 

Hopefully that has helped you to understand how much a Sauna can cost. And, help you understand which one will be right for you.

If you have any questions about saunas, or anything else, get in touch.


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Debbie Ekins
Debbie Ekins
Eagle Leisure - Sales & Marketing Manager Mission = to arm you with the knowledge you need to make the best buying decisions. Fuelled by coffee (and naps). Explorer of Scotland and the world.
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