Should I get a hot tub for my holiday home?

holiday home hot tub
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Should I get a hot tub for my holiday home?

Staycations are on the rise, with more Brits than ever choosing to holiday at home over abroad. With lodges, log cabins and glamping sites more popular than ever it’s essential to offer something that will give you the competitive edge.

Hot tubs are a way to do this. They are the number one accessory for holiday homes. They are the most filtered for feature on booking sites. 

And in a country such as Scotland where we can’t guarantee the weather. At least you can guarantee the hot tub will be warm.

But while holiday home hot tubs are a massive draw for potential guests, with some amazing benefits for both the guests and landlords. There are also a few responsibilities that you should consider before getting a hot tub.

In this post we look at whether getting a hot tub for your holiday home or rental property is the right choice for you. 


What is different about a holiday home hot tub?

If you have a holiday home, lodge or rental property where only one group/family have access to the hot tub at a time then you fall under domestic hot tubs in a business setting

In this case you can install a domestic hot tub, with just a few adjustments and considerations.

If you are a holiday park, hotel or leisure centre or similar where you cannot predict the bather load ie. multiple lodges using the hot tub. Then you are considered a commercial property. And you cannot install a domestic type portable hot tub. In this case you will need to install an in-ground spa or hot tub with advanced filtration.

What are the advantages of having a hot tub in a rental property?

The pros are the fun ones. And the reason so many people are buying hot tubs to put in their holiday home.


Hot tubs boost holiday home occupancy levels

Hot tubs are going to attract guests. And drive up your occupancy and bookings.

Most of our properties have hot tubs and it makes a massive difference in the rental potential of a lodge, caravan or log cabin. The properties we have that don’t have them are nearly always the last to sell (Wendy Taylor, Director at Northumbrian Holidays Ltd).

The number one search criteria on booking sites is, you guessed it. Hot tubs. 

With 57% of searches filtering to find a holiday home with a hot tub. It’s estimated that holiday rentals with hot tubs have on average a 20% increase in occupancy compared to holiday lets without hot tubs.


Hot tubs increase the nightly rate for holiday homes

Not only do you get more bookings with a hot tub in your holiday home. But you can enjoy an increase in rates. 

Owners of holiday rentals with hot tubs can enjoy a premium of 10-20% over those rentals that don’t have one. 

It’s up to you whether you want to keep price the same to keep it affordable. But it’s worth considering that hot tub will incur costs to yourself so not only do you want to increase bookings you want to increase the rates. 

Increase occupancy + increase in rates
Increased revenue

Guests love holiday homes with hot tubs

People are more likely to book to stay if you have a hot tub. But it also offers something special that is likely to increase guest satisfaction. 

Happy guests re-book and leave good reviews. 

Plus, I can’t count the number of times recently i’ve seen pictures on Instagram or Facebook of people living their life in a hot tub. 

It’s something out of the ordinary that people want to take a picture of and share. Your guests are doing half the advertising for you.


Hot tubs provide year round entertainment for rental properties

In summer Hot Tubs can serve as the focal point of the outdoor area, with BBQ, drinks and Hot Tubs going hand in hand. 

In Winter Hot Tubs can be even more important assets for rental properties, with a Hot Tub helping to boost your out of season sales.  

Can you imagine a Winter break without a relaxing Hot Tub to warm up in?


Disadvantages of a hot tub in a rental property?

Of course with the perks, there are some downsides. 

The extra money and occupancy that the hot tub can earn you doesn’t come without a cost. This takes the form of both financial costs. And in terms of added responsibility.


Hot tubs in rental properties must comply with HSG282

If you are making money from the hot tub. You are legally responsible for providing a hot tub that is clean and safe for use. 

Hot tubs sit around 37 – 40 degrees. The perfect temperature for bacteria to thrive. So your main aim is to provide a hot tub that is clean of infection. The main concern is Legionella, as there have been a number of breakouts and few fatalities.

Don’t panic. 

You need Following a few simple steps during the buying and maintenance process can ensure you are compliant with the guidelines laid out. This will reduce the risk by all reasonable standards. But you do have to understand the risks involves when you decide to include a hot tub as part of your offering.


All hot tubs can be fitted with some form of in-line dosing system. Whether it’s a new or old hot tub.

You also need to download the hot tub after every let. Or every week, whichever comes first. You need to consider if you will be able to drain down, clean, refill and re-heat in between lets.

Testing and recording the pH and sanitiser levels can often cause issues, as you might not be on site 2 x per day. This ideally will be down by you. But it can also be included as part of the handover and done by the guests if you aren’t within a managed site. 

All of these will increase the time and potentially money that you have to spend on your holiday home. 


Hot tubs in rental properties need maintained

In addition to the above you will need to consider how much time and money you will need to spend on maintenance.

Of course, if the hot tub breaks down you could potentially lose money. So we would recommend that you get regular maintenance to make breakdowns less likely. 

Choosing a good quality hot tub will also make breakdowns less likely to occur. 

But you will need to factor in costs for chemicals, maintenance and breakdown. 

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In summary

Hot tubs can add a competitive edge to your rental property. Giving the opportunity for increased occupancy and increased rental rates.

However, it does add a level of responsibility which will inevitably come with costs. 

Ultimately, hot tubs in rental properties will make you money. But they will also cost you time and money.

If you can handle this reality then a hot tub can be an amazing addition to a rental property. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make extra income, then you might find that a hot tub is more of a hindrance than an advantage.

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Debbie Ekins
Debbie Ekins
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