How much does it cost to buy a hot tub?

how much does a hot tub cost
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How much does it cost to buy a hot tub in Scotland?

So, you’re thinking of buying a hot tub. But, you have no idea how much a hot tub costs?

We’re here to help you.

How much does a hot tub cost?

It’s one of the first things that people want to know the answer to. And no wonder.

Knowing how much a hot tub costs, and more importantly, why hot tub costs vary, is going to be crucial to help find the hot tub that is right for you.

You can decide whether to splash out on an amazing hot tub. Or, whether you’re okay with spending a bit less on a hot tub.

How much does a hot tub cost?

Short answer: between £3000 and £20,000.

Most customers we speak to, are looking to spend between £4000 and £5000 on a hot tub.

But, the average hot tub cost at Eagle Leisure is between £7500 – £10,000. We have cheaper and we have more expensive hot tubs. With our 13AMP hot tubs starting at £4995. And our 32AMP at £6495. But, between £7500 – £10,000 is what the majority of our customers spend.

Why are we more expensive? If our customers could get the same quality hot tub online for £3000, why would they not just do that?

Coast Spas and northwind hot tub error messages

Why are hot tubs online, cheaper than hot tubs IN-STORE?

The big issue. Hot tub prices online are a lot cheaper at around £3000- £5000. In-store prices start around £5000. Why?

We get a lot of customers saying they’ve seen the ‘exact same’ hot tub online for half the price. Why is this hot tub £9000? I saw the exact same one online for £4000…

Imagine you go into a car dealership, with your heart set on a BMW, and the salesperson tries to get you to buy a car they’re selling online for half the price. It looks similar and it drives you from A to B. But the salesperson has no idea where it was made, doesn’t know where to source spare parts from, or know if anyone would be willing or able to fix it when things go wrong. They don’t know how fuel efficient it is. And, most importantly, they have no idea about the safety rating of the car.

Would you buy it?

Don’t be daft. Not many people would risk quality and safety in a car to save some pennies. But that is exactly what is happening with hot tubs.

Hot tubs priced and sold online, are cheaper, lower quality hot tubs. It can often be hard to find out who and where the manufacturers are.

Here’s a challenge for you. Go online. Find a hot tub around £3000-£5000. Now try and find the manufacturer. If you can’t find it in just a few clicks from the website, why not? Who manufactures it? How will you find parts if it breaks down? Or get in touch with them for warranty queries? It could be a problem in the future.

better hot tub manufacturers are more expensive…

In-store retailers are selling the BMW and the Rolls Royce’s of the hot tub world. They are built in North America or Europe, and they are more expensive. They are high-quality hot tubs, built to: last a long time; be cost efficient to run and, most importantly, are safe to use. Some of the manufacturers names you might recognise: Coast Spas; Artesian; Jacuzzi and Hot Springs.

The problem: Premium hot tub retailers don’t offer full online pricing.

So, when you’re trying to compare pricing online, all you see is the cheaper models. Making you think it’s possible to get a great hot tub for £3000.

Eagle Leisure offers ‘from’ pricing on our website to try and be transparent as possible with pricing. This includes delivery, installation, cover, steps and chemical starter kit. However, this can vary with the addition of features and optional extras.

Take-home message: Online hot tub prices are between £3000-£5000. In-store pricing will start at £5000. This is because in-store are exclusive dealers of high-end manufacturers.

What’s the difference between cheap and expensive hot tubs?

People assume that if a hot tub looks the same, it is the same. But it’s what you don’t see on a hot tub, that makes all the difference.

#1 Quality

Of course, you know that you get what you pay for. So why would a hot tub be any different?

Components, shell, filtration, workmanship. It’s all going to be better on an expensive hot tub. It’s most likely going to last you longer. And you’re going to have to spend less on repairs over the years.

We do hundreds of hot tub repairs a year. And very few are from Coast Spas or any of the other high-end manufacturers. The vast majority of them are for hot tubs that have been bought online.

Investing more money at the start of your hot tub journey can save you a lot over the lifetime.

#2 Energy Efficiency

One of the things that really struck me at a recent trade show was people telling me they had bought a cheap hot tub, that was costing £100/month to run!

An extra £1200 on your yearly electrical bill! Are you mad? In most cases, they had turned it off as it was costing too much to run.

On average, a well-built spa should add approx. £30-£35 onto your monthly electrical bill. No more!

Spending a bit more in the short-term can save you a lot over the life of your hot tub. 

#3 Safety

Hot tubs mix electrics and water. Just let that sink in.

It’s one of the first safety lessons we get in life. Don’t put electrics near water, or water near electrics. And your hot tub does just that. You need to be absolutely sure that the hot tub you and your family is using is safe.

Where is it made and who by? Do you know what kind of regulations they have to adhere to if any?

Above all, make sure your hot tub is safe to use.

#4 Aftersales

Good suppliers, will partner with good manufacturers. They don’t want to be selling something they know isn’t going to last.

Hopefully, nothing goes wrong. But if it does, you need to know your suppliers will be on hand to help with warranty issues. Aftersales might not be top of your list when you are buying. But if you need it, you will wish you had it.

Take-home message: don’t sacrifice quality and safety to save some money. A cheap hot tub will be cheaper in the short run, but will likely cost you a lot more money over the life of the hot tub.

In summary:

A hot tub can cost anywhere between £3000 – £20,000.

Online, you are going to see lots between £3000 – £5000. They probably aren’t going to be great. Costs are being cut somewhere, and it is likely throughout the manufacturing process.

In-store you are going to see recognised, premium NA and EU manufacturers. They will be priced upwards of £5000.

On average, our customers spend between £7,500 and £10,000 with us. For that they get a really great hot tub, that lasts a long time.

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