Can you DIY your sauna build?

can you DIY your sauna?
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Who doesn’t love a lockdown project?

Once you’ve watched every episode of the Home Edit on Netflix and organised all your rooms, a little DIY project might be just the ticket.

It’s looking like it might be a while before gym saunas and steam rooms will open. So, what better way to relax than installing your very own home sauna.

But is this something you can do on your own?

In this blog, we’ll look at whether it’s possible to DIY your own sauna, what you need to consider and whether it’s really a good idea…

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Is it possible to DIY your sauna

custom built saunaThe short answer, of course.

If you have the necessary skills and patience, then you can DIY your sauna. 

All you need to do is buy the materials (the right materials) and get cracking. 

But there are a couple of things to consider if you want to build your own sauna…

1. How much does it cost to DIY your sauna

2. How long will it take to DIY your sauna

Le’s take a look at these to help you figure out whether you want to DIY your sauna or not

How much does it cost to build your own sauna?

Building a sauna can still be pretty expensive, even if you opt for a DIY.

Of course it will be cheaper than if you hire a company (such as ourselves) to build it.

But, the cost can still be pretty high if you want to ensure that you are getting the correct products. 

Many a person that has gone before you has thought they could just pop to B&Q and pick up any old wood. But sadly that is not the case.

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So, let’s look an the cost for an example 1.5 x 1.5 metre sauna…

ITEM RETAIL COST (£inc VAT) (based on 1.5 x 1.5m)
Wall/Ceiling Cladding (approx 124 lengths) £1785.60
Benching (for 2 benches) £403.20
Stove £780
Lighting (under-bench) x 2 £108
Safety glass door £780
Thermometre/Hygrometre £72
Framing + nails etc (from standard timber store) £420
Insulation/Foil £180
Bucket & Ladle £90

The total (approx.) cost for a 1.5 x 1.5 metre sauna will be £4618.80 (for comparison, having us professionally build this size of sauna would cost approx. £7800)

These prices will vary depending on the size (and are based on our retail prices). Of course, if you have a trade account then you may be able to get some of these items cheaper. 

This also doesn’t include the price for tools ie. saw/nail gun etc. If you don’t have these you will need to buy or hire suitable tools

You will need more wood, and if your size goes up considerably your stove size will increase too. 

But, as you can see even DIY-ing a sauna can end up costing thousands. 

Remember not to just go out and buy any old wood, you’ll need to make sure the materials you buy are suitable for building a quality sauna that will last. 

We sell most of the above materials, if you wish to purchase any of them please get in touch

So, yes. It is cheaper to build you own Sauna as you would expect. But it’s still expensive. And, of course, the financial cost is not the only consideration…

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How long will it take to DIY your sauna?

As well as the money, a DIY sauna will cost you time…

If you are building a sauna in your spare time, without the necessary skills and experience then it will likely take you quite a while. 

For reference, it takes our qualified joinery and electrical team, approx 2-3 full days of work to install a sauna (the time depends on size). 

So you need to account for at least that length of time, over whatever spare time you are building it in (ie. 24 hours over evenings or weekends). 

However, it will likely take you substantially longer unless you are a joiner or have the necessary skills. 

This might suit you, but it might be too much time and hassle for you and in that case you would be better paying  a company to complete the installation for you.

The downsides of building your own sauna...

home saunaSo, it could save you some money, if you are willing to spend the time on building your own sauna. 

But, are there any downsides?

When we build a sauna, we do so using a qualified joinery and electrical team. They are used to building and installing saunas, their experience means that it takes them less time, and they do it to a higher standard that most people will be able to.

Plus, they spend a couple of days in your house, and customer build the sauna into the space you have available. The sauna is build round the space you have, which takes some skill. Especially if you have any “odd” shapes such as a coombed roof.

If you DIY your sauna then you are likely giving up:

  • Experience
  • Speed
  • Quality
Yes, you will be able to build a sauna, but it might not turn out quite as nice as it would with a professional team, and it will take a little longer unless you are confident and competent in your joinery and electrical skills.

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Should you DIY you sauna?

Yes! It’s possible. 

But, should you DIY your sauna?

Well, as you’ve seen DIY-ing your sauna with the right materials can still work out fairly costly. So it’s not a cheap undertaking.

Plus it will likely take quite a bit of time.

We would recommend building your own sauna ONLY if you have the necessary skills to carry it out to a high quality. Otherwise you might end up spending a lot of money on something that doesn’t turn out as quality as you want. 

If you do opt for DIY make sure you buy the right wood for your sauna, or that could be an expensive mistake. 

We do offer material sales, so get in touch if you would just like to buy the wood and stove. And we are always available to give advice on the building process.

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