How easy is it to keep my hot tub clean? How to test hot tub Chlorine

hot tub water maintenance
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How easy is hot tub water maintenance?

You probably know that in order to keep your hot tub clean. You need to kill any bacteria. And we usually do this by adding Chlorine or Bromine.

Understanding what is going to be required in terms of hot tub cleaning and maintenance is key to a happy hot tub life. It’s going to need some work. But it doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.

In order to keep chlorine and bromine at the optimum bacteria killing levels. We need to test the hot tub water. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  1. Hot tub test strips
  2. Mini-pool/spa tester (3 chamber tester)
  3. AquaChek TruTest digital test kit
  4. Electronic tester
  5. Get a professional to check it

How to test your hot tub water using test strips

chlorine test strips

Hot tub test strips are the simplest and most common way to check the chlorine/bromine in a domestic hot tub.

Although they are not necessarily the most accurate. They will check for chlorine and/or bromine, pH and total alkalinity. You should test at least once or twice a week. But ideally every time you use the hot tub.


Directions for use:

  1. Dip the test strip into the centre of the hot tub water and remove immediately. 
  2. Hold horizontally for 10 seconds.
  3. Compare the colour swatches on the strip against the tub (the tub will tell you ideal colour).

How to test your hot tub water using a mini pool/spa tester



mini pool/spa tester

The mini pool/spa tester method uses tablets to give a more accurate reading of the chlorine and bromine content of the hot tub water. However, it still relies on a visual analysis of the colours.  So can be open to interpretation.

Pool and spa kits test for chlorine and/or bromine and pH. Again, you should test your hot tub water using this method one or twice weekly at a minimum. But ideally every time you use your hot tub.


Directions for use:

  1. . Scoop the water from the centre of the hot tub into the plastic container provided.
  2. Drop 1 x DPD1 tablet into the chlorine/bromine side (without touching the tablet).
  3. Shake the container until the tablet is dissolved and the water changes colour.
  4. Colour match the water against the colour scale on the container for chlorine/bromine content.

How to test your hot tub water using a digital test kit

easy hot tub testingIf you want to stick with the easy option of test strips. But with a more accurate reading. Then you might want to look at a digital test strip reader such as AquaChek TruTest. These test the three important parameters: chlorine/bromine; pH and total alkalinity. And they reduce the risk of human error that can occur if you need to colour match.

Directions for use:

  1. Dip the test strip into the centre of the hot tub, and remove immediately.
  2. Place the strip on the digital test strip reader.
  3. The test strip will show you a reading of lowok, or high.

This is great if you have difficulty colour matching the standard test strips. But is still super simple to use.

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How to test your hot tub water using an electronic tester

For a highly accurate reading you can use a full electronic test kit. Our engineers use the Palintest Pooltest 9. These will set you back around £600 so are quite an expense. But they do massively reduce the risk of human error. 

If you are running a commercial hot tub with an automatic dosing system, then you may need an electronic test kit to accurately calibrate the dosing panel. 

Directions for use:
These instructions will vary depending on the exact electronic pool test you use.

  1. Rinse the test tube out with the hot tub water and empty (this removes leftover residue from previous tests).
  2. Fill the test tube provided up with water from the centre of the hot tub.
  3. Put the DPD1 tablet into the water (without touching the tablet).
  4. Crush the DPD1 tablet in the water using the stick provided.
  5. Insert the test tube with the lid on into the electronic reader.
  6. Select the free chlorine reading.
  7. The electronic test kit will give you an accurate reading of chlorine

Electronic test kits are much more accurate. However they are more expensive and do need to be calibrated. While we use them. And recommend commercial premises get a good quality electronic test kit. They are not usually recommended for domestic hot tubs.

How to get a professional to check your hot tub water

If all this seems like a little too much work then you can get a professional to check the chlorine or bromine content of your hot tub water. Either as part of a regular maintenance visit. Or you can pop some water in a container and take it into your local store for testing. 

If you want someone to check it for you without a maintenance visit you can:

  1. Take a sample of water from the centre of your hot tub (using a container only used for water samples).
  2. Take it immediately to your local hot tub supplier for testing.

In summary

So, how easy is it to keep you hot tub water clean? 

It’s really simple to test your hot tub water for chlorine or bromine. And it doesn’t have to take hours. Just a couple of minutes a few times a week can ensure your hot tub is clean. Free from bacteria. And above all safe for you and your family to use.

For a domestic hot tub, we would usually recommend either test strips. Or a digital test strip reader. For more information on how easy it is to keep your hot tub clean get in touch. Or read some of our other blog posts below. 

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