The top 6 best health benefits of using a Sauna

health benefits of a sauna
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Saunas are part of Scandinavian life...

For years, our Scandinavian counterparts have relied on the benefits of the Sauna.

In Finland, there are approximately 3 millions Saunas, for a population of 5.3 million. You can still find people in Finland who were born in a Sauna.

They are everywhere. From houses, workplaces and schools. They even have a Sauna in the Parliament to help politicians relax and break down natural social barriers. In short, they are a necessary part of life, completely ingrained into Scandinavian culture.

In contrast, in the UK, Saunas are still seen as a bit of a luxury. You might use one as part of a ‘treat’ on a Spa day, or at your local gym. But the thought of having one in your house still seems like an absurdity to most people.

What are sauna health benefits?

Where to begin…

There are many amazing health and well-being benefits associated with saunas. If you’ve used a sauna before, you’ll probably have noticed some.

Here are just a few sauna health benefits that can leave you feeling fabulous:

#1 Saunas give you a feeling of Hygee (pronounced Hoo-gah)

Difficult to pronounce and almost impossible to translate, the Danish sentiment relates to the feeling of garnering enjoyment from the seemingly mundane. Making the ordinary, extraordinary. With ideas revolving around cosines; comfort and happiness. It is a notion which cements the Danish as one of the happiest nations in the world.

It’s easy to be bogged down in the monotonous life and seemingly endless Winter (which sometimes extends to Summer) in Scotland. But a quick 15-minute Sauna can help you capture your own piece of Hygge at home and contribute to your overall well-being.

Sauna health benefit = feeling of comfort and cosiness even in the darkest of winters 

#2 Saunas revitalise your skin and detox your body

Who want’s beautiful skin? *Everybody puts up hand*.

At a heat of around 80-100 degrees, saunas pack a serious heat punch. The intense heat increases blood flow, which opens up pores and clears out bacteria and flushes out body toxins. This helps revitalises the tired and dull dead skin cells that can accumulate over time.Leaving your skin bright, and your body feeling amazing.

Sauna health benefit = bright skin and a revitalised body

#3 Saunas improve Cardiovascular health

stress and heart healthWant to improve your cardiovascular health without the cardio?

There is increasing evidence that saunas can have similar effects to exercise on heart health. 

Saunas cause improved blood flow. This causes your heart to pump the same volume of blood around your body. But, it doesn’t have to work as hard to do this. This is great news. It means your heart rate is reduced. The strain on your heart is lower. And your change of cardiovascular disease is less. 

(If you have heart problems or high blood pressure please speak to your GP before using a Sauna)

 Sauna health benefit = improve heart health

#4 Saunas help to fight illness

infrared sauna

Sauna sessions increase production of white blood cells. The inner army responsible for warding off nasty bugs and bacteria. An increase in these cells helps fight off infections and viruses, such as cold and flu. Plus, the addition of eucalyptus-scented essence to the water poured onto the stones can help relieve sinus congestion caused by these viruses.

The regular use of a Sauna helps to keep your white blood cell count high. Meaning that if and when illness does strike you will recover faster.

Sauna health benefits = improved immune system

#5 Saunas help you recover from a workout

Ever been plagued by the dreaded DOMS after a tough work out?

A build-up of lactic acid is to thank for this. But, luckily use of a Sauna after exercise can somewhat diminish this pain.

Increased blood flow to tired muscles can rejuvenate the muscles by helping to eliminate lactic acid build-up, with the heat working to relax the muscles. So while we can’t promise that there will be no pain, it’s sure to help reduce the effects of exercise.

Sauna health benefit = faster recovery from a workout

#6 Saunas help you sleep better

Keep your skin even more beautiful and your brain on top form with a deeper sleep.

Research, as well as anecdotal evidence, suggests that the use of a Sauna can result in a deeper and more relaxed slumber. This is due to a rise in the body temperature during Sauna use, followed by a drop in body temperature afterwards.

This in conjunction with the release of sleep catalysing endorphins aids in a deep and peaceful sleep leaving your feeling rested.

Sauna health benefit = a deeper, better sleep

In summary

Saunas have lots of amazing benefits. Not only will they make you feel great, but they will improve your health and your overall wellbeing. 

What more could you want?

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