How do we deliver your hot tub?

how do we deliver your hot tub
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How do we deliver you hot tub?

We deliver hot tubs slightly differently from most of the other companies in the UK. We know that one of the biggest worries when people are considering buying a hot tub is: 

Will I be able to get a hot tub into my garden?

You’ve done all the research. You know what model you want. 

But what if you have tricky access? 

Will you have to compromise on the model you want?

Will you have to take a fence down to get the hot tub into position?

The first thing to remember is that in 99.9% of cases, there is a way to get your hot tub into your garden. In almost two decades of selling and delivering hot tubs in Scotland we can count on less than one had the number that couldn’t be delivered. So don’t worry. Where there is a will there is a way.

We look at how we deliver hot tub. Why we choose to do it differently from other companies. And how this has the potential to make your hot tub purchase less stressful.

How are hot tubs usually delivered?

Most hot tub suppliers will use one of two options:

1. Trailer and a spa sledge

2. Spa Dolly or  similar spa delivery system  -> -> ->


These are really great systems. We especially love the spa dolly system, which allows you to deliver the hot tub via road, and then manoeuvre the hot tub into position all on the one unit. 

However, we found that a lot of the areas we were delivering to had limited access. And to deliver via a trailer or bogey system with the hot tub on it’s side would require removing sections of fencing etc as hot tubs usually require minimum 1 metre clearance to be moved on its side.

This was entirely possible, but just gave our customers another thing to worry about. 

We wanted to make the delivery and installation process as smooth as possible. With as little effort required on your part as we could manage.

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How do we deliver your hot tub to you?

Hot tub deliveryBecause of this we decided to delivery hot tubs in a slightly different way. 

For every hot tub we use a hiab truck for delivery. These come with a standard 15 metre reach. But, we can get up to 28 metres with a drop crane end. So there are very few places we can’t reach.

After the hot tub has been lowered into place by the hiab truck team our engineers take over the installation and commissioning.

Why do we use a hiab rather than a trailer for hot tub delivery?

Why do we have to do it differently from everyone else? Can’t we just be normal?

We’ve found that using a hiab helps us to battle a few of the limitations that we have found with trailer delivery. 

Firstly, we can overcome the issues with limited access. We find that almost all of our hot tubs can be lifted directly into position. Occasionally we have to use a bogey or manpower to move it into the final position. But we avoid having to take any walls or fencing down. 

Secondly, it’s usually faster. Meaning that our team can get right into getting it up and running for you to use. 

And finally, it’s safer. Hot tubs are heavy. We’d like to avoid our team moving anything unnecessarily. 

Limitations with hot tub delivery with a hiab truck

As with everything there are things to consider. While we find lifting hot tubs into position is best for us. There are still some limitations. 

We will usually do a site visit. Or, if that is not possible will view photos of the site to ascertain how the delivery will take place on the day. Making sure we are prepared for all eventualities. But some things to look out for are:

1. Overhead cables. 

We can’t lift the hot tub through over head cabling. Usually there is a route around or under these cables. But if you happen to live in a house with masses of overhead cabling then we might not be able to lift directly into place.


2. Access for the hiab truck

Of course, while we can avoid access restrictions in the garden. We still need to be able to get the truck near to the house. And we need to have room to lower the outriggers (arms) on either side of the truck. The minimum width they can work in is usually 5.5 metres.

However, as the hiab usually parks in a lane/road outside the house, width is not usually and issue. 


3. Ground the hiab will sit on

The hiab truck is heavy. That means it needs to drive over and settle on solid ground. 

We don’t usually recommend driving over monoblock or slabs as they can crack. And if the truck has to drive over grass we usually recommend you lay track, as otherwise the grass will be kicked up.


In most cases, the above are not applicable. But worth considering. If you are unsure just ask and we can address them on the pre-delivery site visit.

How much does hot tub delivery cost?

One of the reasons that we choose to offer hiab delivery for hot tubs is that we can keep the price the same for everyone in Central Scotland. All our hot tub prices include standard reach hiab truck delivery within central Scotland. 

Often, companies who use trailer delivery as standard charge additional costs if a hiab or crane is needed. This is often not noticed until the day of delivery, meaning you have to fork out extra money unexpectedly.This can be anywhere between £300-£700 on average. Which, adds a considerable cost onto your hot tub budget.

We include standard reach hiab delivery with all our hot tubs. So the price you are given is the final price. If the 28 metre reach crane/hiab is required this may incur an additional charge. But we usually try to mitigate this where we can depending on the area of delivery. And you will be told about this before you make your purchase so it’s not a surprise on the day of delivery. 

In summary

Hopefully, that helps you understand how we get hot tubs into your home. Why we choose to do it this way. And how that will make your life easier. 

In 99% of cases, there is a way to get your hot tub into place. So don’t worry too much. If you are unsure how you would get your hot tub in please get in touch and we will be happy to do a site visit before you commit to buying your hot tub.

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