What power supply does my hot tub need?

hot tub power supply
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What hot tub power supply do I need to install?

Hot tubs run on electricity. So, one of the things you will need to consider before you decide to purchase a hot tub is your hot tub power supply.

It’s something that is worth thinking about before you start looking around for hot tubs for two reasons:

  1. The existing power supply in your home may dictate the power supply you are capable of running outside/ where the power supply can be run to (ie. where your hot tub can go).
  2. Knowing what power supply you can get can help narrow down the buying options.

Why is it important to get your hot tub power supply right?

Getting your hot tub power supply right is important for two reasons:

  1. To ensure it has enough electricity to power the hot tub
  2. As a safety measure

hot tub energy costsHot tubs require different power supplies depending on how much power they draw. The pumps, heater, lights and all the other electrical components require power. If the right AMP of electrical supply is not installed then you the hot tub may attempt to draw too much power from the electrical line. This will cause an overload circuit. If this happens then the power will trip. And your hot tub will turn off. 

Secondly, ensuring that you install the correct electrical supply is a safety measure. If you install a much higher supply than you need then it will never trip. Tripping occurs as a result of, or to indicate a fault. Therefore you need to install the correct power supply to ensure, that if necessary, the hot tub is capable of tripping the power.

For both of these reasons, it’s important that you install the correct electrical supply for your hot tub. 

What hot tub power supply do we recommend for your hot tub?

What hot tub power supply you need will entirely depend on what hot tub you are getting. So it’s something you will need to discuss with your supplier. But, if you have any limitations in your electrical supply, you should let them know to help narrow your options. 

There are a couple of standard hot tub power supplies.

The standard plug and play range either use 13AMP or 16AMP supplies. The 13AMP models often have plugs. These can be plugged directly into a standard household socket. Some of the higher end plug and play ranges operate at a slightly higher wattage and will require a 16AMP power supply.

Most hot tubs require a 32AMP supply. And some will require 40AMP.

Again, it is something that you should check with your supplier. To ensure you install the correct electrical supply.

We always recommend that you install a galvanised steel armour cable. This has a protective conduit around the wires, to ensure that it won’t get damaged outside. 

Do I need to hire a professional to install my hot tub electrical supply?

hot tub electrical supply

Before you install your hot tub you will need to get the correct electrical wire run out from your house, to where you plan on putting your hot tub. To do this you will need to enlist the help of a qualified electrician.

They will need to follow the standard electrical requirements for installation. And they will need to follow the guidelines laid out by the supplier to ensure installation of the hot tub is possible when it is delivered.

What else do I need to think about before my hot tub is delivered?

Beyond electrical supply, the one other thing you need to think about is the hot tub base. You will need a solid, flat, level base. This helps evenly distribute the hot tub weight, so no structural damage occurs.

You will also need a water supply within hose distance. And a drain within hose distance to empty the hot tub water into.

In Summary

Hot tubs require electricity. And the exact electrical specification will depend on what hot tub you are getting.

It’s a good idea to know if you have any restrictions on your electrical supply before you start shopping around. As it may limit your options.

You will need a qualified electrician to install the main wire for your hot tub. This will allow your hot tub to be installed on the day of delivery.

If you are unsure about your electrical supply please contact us. 

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