Hot Tub MOT Club

Want to get the most from your hot tub?

But don't want to do it yourself?

This service is only available to the following postcodes:

  • All G postcodes (excluding G63,83 and 84)
  • All ML postcodes (excluding ML12)
  • All KA postcodes (excluding KA18,26,30 and 28)
  • PA1 - PA15
  • TD1 - TD3

Please do not join if you are out with these areas. Contact for a price for your area as it varies on location. 

Hot Tub MOT

£ 298
  • Hot tub MOT every 3 months (4 x per year)
  • Annual filter replacement
  • 10% discount on all chemicals
  • 1 x free diagnosis visit for break-downs
  • 10% discount on any hot tub repairs (parts and labour)
  • "Members only" deal of the month
  • Exclusive hot tub content

You don't empty your hot tub because....

You don't have time

Work. Kids. Life. There's not enough hours in the day. And you don't want to spend the hours that you do have, cleaning your hot tub. You want to spend them relaxing.

You don't want to

No judgement. You bought your hot tub to relax. So it's totally understandable if you decide you just don't want another thing on your to do list.

Your not sure how

Worried you might not be able to get the hot tub back up and running properly? We get it. It can be confusing if you're not used to working with hot tubs.

Any of these sound familiar?

These are just some of the reasons people like you choose to leave their hot tub service to us. Eliminate stress, free up your precious time and focus on relaxing.


What does a Hot tub MOT involve?

Hot tub cleaning

  • Hot tub drain down, clean and refill
  • Filter clean (replacement every year)
  • Re-balance chemicals

Electrical component health check

  • Check heater output
  • Check the pumps are running
  • Check control board

Plus more. Fancy trying it yourself.

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