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Our range of hot tubs and swim spas for your home have been carefully curated. We've got a hot tub to suit every budget, without every skimping on quality.



While you’re having a little look around the website you might be wondering why some of our hot tubs are more expensive than some you’ve seen online and in other showrooms around Scotland.

Our hot tubs start at £3995 going all the way up to around £20,000, so there is usually something for everyone’s budget. But, you will also see some hot tubs online starting around £2000 – we are a little more expensive than them. That’s because we only sell hot tubs made by Artesian Spas in the USA. 

We’ve been around long enough to know that you can absolutely buy cheaper hot tubs elsewhere. But we also know 9/10 they will end up costing you more in the long run. 

Trust us, we are usually the ones called in to fix cheap hot tubs bought elsewhere. That’s why we know better than to sell them.


Hot tubs will cost you anywhere between £2,000 and £20,000 depending on what you are after and where you buy them from. 

Our hot tubs start at £3995. However, the average prices is between £7,000 and £12,000.

This can really vary depending on your electricity costs, the insulation and even the weather. But insulation is the most important. You want your hot tub to be well insulated so it acts like a giant thermos and retains the heat.

A hot tub should cost around £40/month to run on average. But if badly insulated it can cost up to £100/month.

Artesian work with specially placed dealers to ensure that everyone across the country can get access to their hot tubs. They carefully select the hot tub retailers to ensure they only work with the best retailers that will carry out the sale and crucially the aftercare of the hot tub.

You can find your nearest dealer here

You might think you have seen the same hot tub online for £2000, or one in Costco for half the price we sell them

You haven’t! All our hot tubs are made in America by Artesian Spas. They are well built, quality hot tubs that we know last. Although a lot of hot tub looks the same the built quality can vary massively.

We sell Artesian Spas. Which are made in Las Vegas, America.


After a lot of research we decided to buy our hot tub from Eagle Leisure.  I highly recommend Eagle Leisure, as there was no pushy sales tactic’s etc, just honest advice and information. If you are looking at buying a Spa, then at least speak to Eagle Leisure.

Paul Harrower

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