The hidden costs of a hot tub

monthly hot tub costs

how much does a hot tub cost per month?

Buying your hot tub is one thing.

But, being prepared to pay the monthly hot tub costs that come with it, is another. If you aren’t, then you may turn your hot tub off to ‘save money’. And all your hard earned money that you used to splash out on a hot tub will have been wasted.

We’ve outlined the main costs associated with hot tubs. You may not have thought about them all. Plus we’ve averaged a cost to go along with them.

So, you can understand what you’ll likely pay to keep your hot tub running.

Hot Tub maintenance

what are the main hot tub cost you should consider?

#1 Energy cost of a hot tub

You’re gleefully relaxing in your hot tub. Then, your first electricity bill arrives.

Don’t panic! A lot of what you read, suggests that the cost of running a hot tub far outweighs the benefits. But this isn’t necessarily true.

A well insulated, well-built, hot tub should cost no more than £30 – £35 a month.

But beware. Reports show that badly insulated hot tubs can cost upwards of £100 a month. A cheap hot tub will cost you less upfront. But over the long term, may cost you more to run.

Total monthly cost: Should be no more than £35/month (£420/year). But, if you do not invest in a good hot tub it may be £100/month (£1200/year).

#2 Chemical costs

Chemicals are needed for your hot tub. There is no way around this. There are ways to reduce chemical usages such as ozone installation; efficient filtration and O-Care. But you will still need chemicals.

Typically, hot tubs sit between 37 – 40 degrees Celcius. The perfect temperature for waterborne bacteria to thrive. So, Chlorine (or bromine) is needed to kill the bacteria and make the water safe for you and your family.

complete chemical starter kit is supplied with all Eagle Leisure Hot Tubs. This usually last a few months or more. After this, you will know what you regularly use and need to replace with larger tubs. If you buy from someone that does not provide this, we recommend a starter kit as the easiest and cheapest way to get your hands on everythign you need.

When you starting out, it can seem like you need a chemistry degree. But it’s pretty easy to understand once you’ve got the hang of it.

All the following chemicals come in the starter kit. You will regularly use the following:

ChemicalWhat's it for?How much do you need?Average monthly cost
ChlorineKills bacteria.3-5mg/1000 litres£4.16/month
pH plusRaises pH7.2-7.6£3.71/month
pH minusLowers pH7.2-7.6£4.50/month
Test StripsTest Chlorine, pH and TAOne per test£7.17/month

Please note, these costs are based on daily usage and testing and may vary. 


The below comes as part of your starter kit, but you might not use daily.

ChemicalWhat's it for?How much do you need?Average monthly cost?
TA PlusStabilising the pH80-150mg/1000 litres£5.11/month
Spa Fusion (shock treatement)Eliminate organic compounds and bacteria that escapes daily sanitation.Weekly, or after heavy usage£15.60/month
Immerse filter cleanerCleaning filter cartridgeMonthly£3.21/month

Total monthly cost: Max £43.46/month. In reality, it will be about 1/3 of this. As this is based on daily usage and testing.

#3 Planned maintenance

If you are the type of person to get your car serviced regularly. You’ll probably want to get your hot tub serviced too. At Eagle Leisure, we find that people who look after their hot tub and get a regular planned maintenance, spend less on unplanned repairs.

A maintenance check, or service, our engineers run through all the main components, including pumps; heaters and control board, to check that everything is working as it should. They will alert you to anything that needs to be replaced, or that will need to be replaced in the near future. Any parts that are needed are not included in the service and are only recommendations. It is up to you whether you wish to proceed with these.

If you buy your hot tub new, you can usually plan to get your first service at around 12-18 months.

We can provide you with a ‘service sheet’, to show what was checked and if anything was replaced. This can be useful if you ever plan on selling your hot tub on to show potential buyers that your hot tub has been looked after.

Total yearly cost: This depends on you call out charge (related to postcode). A service check usually lasts approx 1 hour. The average cost for a Glasgow based service would be around £168 inc VAT with Eagle Leisure. Other providers prices will vary.

#4 Cleaning

Approximately every three months you will need to empty the water out your hot tub, clean it out and fill it back up. A lot of our customers do this themselves to save some money.

However, if this sounds like it might take too much time out of your relaxing, then you can hire a company to do this. They will empty your hot tub, clean it, refill, balance your water and complete a check on all the components to make sure everything is running perfectly.

This will usually take around 2 – 2.5 hours. Depending on water pressure. Some companies charge a set fee for the whole job, at Eagle Leisure we charge on time as some hot tubs take a bit longer to get in tip top condition than others.

Total quarterly cost: Based on time and postcode. But the average Glasgow based full service, taking 2 hours would be approx £234 inc VAT.

#5 Repairs

You don’t want to think about your hot tub breaking down when you are buying it. But, things can go wrong with your hot tub.

Buying a great quality hot tub will reduce the chances that you will need costly repairs early on in the life of the hot tub. It’s hard to tell what will go wrong with your hot tub. The most common problems we are seeing, especially on low-quality hot tubs, are hot tub not heating; leaks and broken control boards.

Total cost: Repairs could range from the hundreds of pounds to the thousands. A couple of new jets could set you back £50, while a whole new control board and top side could cost upwards of £1000. The best way to avoid costly repairs is to get a great hot tub, from a supplier who carries the warranty to avoid paying out in the first few years.

In summary:

Hopefully, this has helped you understand what hidden costs there will be with your hot tub.

If you buy a good quality hot tub, that is energy efficient, and serve it on a yearly basis. Then you should expect to pay on average £64.25/month (although you won’t spend this every month). But this is roughly the amount of income you should be prepared to spend. However, a poorly built hot tub, that costs a lot to run and has a high chance of needing repair, could cost you £1000s/year. 

Investing in a great quality hot tub from the start is the best way to keep your monthly costs low.

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