Do I need a regular hot tub service?

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Chemicals, electrical bills, maintenance and unexpected repairs. Hot tubs are the ultimate luxury. But many people worry about how much they will have to spend on the upkeep.

Hot tub maintenance will either cost you time OR money. There is no point in denying that fact.

It doesn’t have to be a lot. But we recommend you should think about how much time and money you might have to spend on a hot tub per year. Otherwise, you will end up not using it and it will be a waste of money, instead of an investment in your well being.

We often compare hot tubs to cars.

And when it comes to servicing, it’s no different.

Like your car, investing in a service plan for your hot tub will keep it running for longer. Make sure all the parts are running like clockwork. And avoid unexpected costly repairs.

While it’s not necessary, hot tub services are definitely recommended.

How much time you are willing to spend and do it yourself will reduce the cost.

How much maintenance does my hot tub need?

There are three types of maintenance that are going to be necessary for your hot tub: regular; planned and reactive.

#1 Daily/Regular Maintenance

Think about the things you need to do with your car on a regular basis. You need to add petrol to keep it running. You might need to clean the inside and the outside. Add some windscreen washer fluid, or check the oil level.

Unless you want a weekly maintenance visit from a professional, there are a couple of things you will need to do yourself to keep your hot tub running and safe.

You shouldn’t have to spend more than half an hour on your hot tub a week (approx 5 mins per day). There are three things you will need to do regularly, to ensure safe hot tub water and extend the life of components


Sometimes called ‘balancing your water’. It’s just a fancy, Chemistry was of saying: ‘make sure you have the right mix of chemicals in the water’.

It’s so, so important to keep your chemicals ‘balanced’. Both for water cleanliness and the health of your hot tub components.

We provide a chemical starter kit with all our hot tubs, and show you how to use the chemicals upon delivery and installation. It might seem like you need a Chemistry degree to start with, but once you get the hand of it, you will find it easy to keep on top of.

Too little chemicals: Your relaxing hot tub can quickly turn to a health hazard. While catching a serious illness is pretty rate, the hot water makes it a haven for bacteria. Waterborne bugs such as Cryptosporidium and Legionella thrive in the damp, hot waters. Keeping your chemicals at the correct levels, kill these nasty bugs off and make your water both inviting looking and safe to use.

Too many chemicals: It can be tempting, to just throw lots of Chlorine until you can smell it and assume it will do the job. But this can pose its own problems. Too many chemicals irritate the eyes and skin and strips colour from swimsuits and hair. Plus damage can occur to the components such as: heater; pillows and cover, which won’t be covered by the warranty.

Read more – Hot Tub maintenance – step by step guide
How to reduce your chlorine consumption 


A great filtration system is key to easy water maintenance. All the chemicals in the world won’t fix a bad filter.

That’s why we bang on about hot tub filtration so much.  It’s something that is often overlooked when people are searching for a hot tub in favour of some of the ‘sexier’ hot tub features like lights and music.

Read more about Coast Spas patented filtration system

Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide: How clean is your hot tub?

Hot tub filters trap dirt and debris. Including tiny particles too small to be seen by the naked eye.

To keep the filter working efficiently, and the flow rate strong, you need to clean the filter regularly.  We would recommend weekly or fortnightly depending on usage.

Read more – How to clean a hot tub filter – step by step guide


Don’t worry you don’t have to do this every time. The beauty of a hot tub is that it is available 24/7, 365 days a year for you to relax in. So you want to keep the water in it as much as possible.

Recommendations are that you empty, clean and refill every 3 months, depending on usage. If you are following 1 & 2, then this should be enough. If not then you may find the water quality is low and you have to do this more often.

This is where many people get Eagle Leisure to come in. We can clean, and refill the hot tub, then even do some planned maintenance checks on it (see below).

#2 Planned Maintenance

This is maintenance booked in advance. 

Our planned maintenance ‘contracts’ are non-binding, which mean that you are NOT tied in for any length of time. we will contact you before your next maintenance visit is due to arrange a time that suits. You tell us how often that will be weekly; monthly; bi-annually; yearly or something else altogether. And if you ever need or want to stop visits, you just let us know, and we will remove you from our scheduled maintenance list. Similarly, if you want to skip a visit, just let us know and we will contact you when you are next due a service.

We have some customers who book in a weekly or monthly visit a year in advance. And some customers who contact us on an ad-hoc basis, when they think they might need a service. Whatever suits you.

What is INCLUDED IN A planned maintenance visit?

Again, we’re very flexible to allow you to design a package that suits your needs and budget. Typically we do either:

  1. Full service: Empty hot tub (or you can to save time). Clean, refill and balance chemicals. Check electrical components. (approx. 2 – 3 hrs depending on water pressure)
  2. Mini service: Save money by cleaning and refilling yourself. We will check chemicals, and electrical components (approx. 1 hour

#3 Reactive maintenance

Uh oh! Something has gone wrong and you need us out ASAP.

Of course, things can and will go wrong. If you have an excellent hot tub supplier, your warranty should cover anything within the first couple of years.

You can reduce the likelihood of unexpected repairs and expenses by booking planned maintenance. Hopefully anything that is likely to go wrong in the near future, will be picked up during that visit and flagged to you. You can choose to replace it then, or plan for imminent replacement.

It’s a good idea to have a hot tub maintenance provider before something goes wrong. Then they will be familiar with your tub, know your make and model, and you know they will be willing to come out and fix it.

How often should I get a hot tub service?

Based on the above, it is really up to you.

Reactive maintenance, by its very nature, can’t be planned.

But at the very least, we would recommend a yearly planned maintenance visit.

Alongside this you should be prepared to carry out the regular maintenance (approx. 30 mins per week). And if you don’t want to empty and refill, then book a service visit once a quarter.

How much does a maintenance visit cost?

Whether planned or reactive we charge all hot tub service and maintenance visits the same:

  1. Call out: Varies dependant on postcode. Contact us for your area call out. Call out includes the first hour on site .
  2. Hourly charge: £55 + VAT per hour (after the first hour). This is charged in 15 minute slots (£13.75+VAT). So you are only charged for time you need.
  3. Return call: If we need to return ie. part required. You will not be charged the call out again. We will charge one full hour at £55 + VAT then any further time in slots of 15 mins.
  4. Additional parts: Any chemicals or parts required during or after the service are not included in the labour charges.

If you want to enquire about a maintenance contract or one-off visit, please contact us.


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