How to become the best family holiday park in Scotland

Scotland's best family holiday park

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become Scotland’s best family holiday park? Not just one, but two years running?

Drimsynie Estate Holiday Village, know the score on being the best. This year they were voted ‘Best family holiday park’ at the Scottish Outdoor Leisure Awards, for the second year running.

We are insanely happy that such a wonderful Scottish resort is getting the recognition that it deserves. But we also have a slightly biased, proud friend kinda vibe going on as Drimsynie are one of Eagle Leisure’s longest-standing customers.

How to become the best family holiday park in Scotland

At Eagle Leisure, we work with some of the best hotels, holiday parks and rental homes across Scotland. So, we know what it takes to become one of the best.

Yes, of course, Scotland’s (and the world’s) best holiday parks and hotels hire ah-may-zing staff to keep everything running perfectly. And, like Drimsynie are dotted around some of the most beautiful locations in Scotland. But there are maybe a couple of things that you haven’t thought about that could take you from good enough to great.

Here are our top tips to holiday park greatness:

#1 The best family holiday parks have a hot tub

We all go on holiday for an escape from reality. So anything that adds a little luxury or opulence beyond the monotony of daily life is always a big draw.

Whether you have a caravan park, lodges or a stand-alone holiday home, hot tubs are a hot topic.

Hot tubs are now a must-have for holiday parks and home.  

When searching for a place to stay, ‘hot tub’ is now one of the most filtered for criteria on booking sites. The last thing you want is for you beautiful holiday park or home to be overlooked because you’ve not got a hot tub.

Not only will having hot tub boost your year-round occupancy levels. But, you can warrant charging a bit more per bed than you could without a hot tub. 

Drimsynie Estate Hot Tub Lodge

#2 The best family holiday parks have a maintenance person/team

Have you ever stayed somewhere where loads of little things seem to be broken?

Or even worse, the hot tub that you based your whole accommodation decision on isn’t working…

There is nothing more annoying as a guest than paying to stay somewhere that seems to be falling apart.

The best hotels and holiday parks in Scotland have figured out that not hiring a maintenance person (or team) is a false economy. Sure, you save a bit on wages. But, the maintenance team are the unsung heroes of hotels and holiday parks. The supermen and women of the industry. Fixing things, before the customers even notice they aren’t working.

There are so many things that can go wrong in hotels, holiday parks and homes. You have to maintain hundred of ‘homes’ to a super high standard to avoid getting any complaints and keeping everyone happy. Lights go out, taps break and those hot tubs which are so essential to occupancy need tested and chemically treated. If you don’t have a maintenance team/solo superhero, or if they aren’t great, you’re going to have to call a lot of tradespeople out for jobs which could otherwise be avoided.

While we do work with Drimsynie Estate, we actually rarely hear from them, as they have an exceptionally well-trained team who can handle everything that is thrown at them. They only get in touch when they need parts or have a really major problem (which FYI rarely happens because they are constantly maintaining)

#3 The best family holiday parks work with world-class suppliers

Even with the best of teams around, things can go wrong. Or might need to be upgraded.

Working hand in hand with an excellent supplier and maintenance team (oh hey Eagle Leisure here) means that when things do go wrong, they can be rectified efficiently and effectively to minimise the impact on your guests.

Plus, working with a great supplier means your guaranteed great quality parts from world-class manufacturers. So, the chances of things going wrong are reduced.

In Summary

So that’s it. Take the usual mix of enviable location + great staff. Add in Hot tub + super maintenance team + a world-class supplier = Scotland’s best family holiday park (two years running).

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