How to clean a hot tub filter – a step by step guide

hot tub filter
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What does a hot tub filter do?

An efficient hot tub filtration system form the basis of easy hot tub water management. 

It’s the job of the hot tub filter to capture dirt and debris from the hot tub water. Helping to keep the hot tub water safe and inviting to use.

Because of this, the filter can gather dirt. If this is not cleaned the filter can get clogged. This can lead to inefficient filtration. And if left for too long can cause a “flow fault”, which can damage the heater or other hot tub components. 

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How often should you clean your hot tub filter?

Cleaning your hot tub filter should be done regularly to help prevent the build up or dirt and keep your hot tub water clean. 

We would recommend a quick clean, on a weekly basis. Although realistically we know this will probably happen on a less regular basis. 

And a chemical soak clean monthly. 

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How to remove the hot tub filter cartridge

How you remove the filter cartridge will depend on what type of filtration the hot tub has. 

For pressurised filtration systems (Most Coast Spas, Hydropool 

1. Turn the power off at the Isolator or the MCB in the house (The system is pressurised do not remove the filter while the power is still on).

2. Loosen the air relief valve, and loosen the locking ring

3. Pull the filter lid straight up to remove (do not twist or pull at an angle, as this could cause damage)

4. Remove the filter from the Cannister 


For non-pressurised systems/skim filtration:

1. Turn the power off at the Isolator or the MCB in the house

2. Remove the filter lid/basket if there is one.

3. Remove the filter. You may need to twist it off if there is a thread on the filter

How to clean the hot tub filter cartridge

PRO TIP: Have a spare filter. When you remove the filter, replace it with a clean a dry one. This means you have no down time on your hot tub while you clean it and wait for it to dry.

There are two ways we recommend you clean your hot tub filter:

1. Weekly clean and rinse

2. Monthly deep clean


Weekly clean with instant filter cleaner

You should try and clean your filter every week to keep it clean and free of debris. We recommend using spray instant filter cleaner for this.

1. Remove the filter using the above instructions

2. Rinse the filter with a hose to remove loose debris

3. Throughly spray the filter with instant filter cleaner and leave for 15 minutes.

4. Rise filter with fresh water (make sure to remove it all so you don’t get residue in the hot tub water).

5. Leave the filter to dry before replacing in the hot tub.


Hot tub filter deep clean

Every month we recommend that you deep clean the filter cartridge to remove build up of grease and residue. We recommend using Immerse cartridge cleaner for this.

1. Remove the filter cartridge using the above method

2. Fill a plastic bucket or cartridge bath with clean water

3. Empty the contents of the Immerse sachet into the bucket 

4. Rinse the filter cartridge with a hose to remove any loose debris, then place in the bucket

5. Ensure the cartridge is completely immersed and leave overnight.

6. Remove the cartridge from the solution and rinse throughly

7. Allow to dry before replacing the filter for best results.

You might find you need to do the above more or less depending on usage. 

In summary

Keeping your filter clean will not only keep your water hygienic  It was also help to protect the components and ensure your hot tub lasts longer. So it’s really important that you do it regularly.

If you have any more questions on how to clean your filter then let us know. 

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