How to shock your Hot Tub

Hot tub shock
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What is shock dosing?

hot tub shockNo, we don’t mean dress up as a clown and chase after it with a bunch of balloons (although that would be terrifying). 

It has less to do with scaring it senseless. And more to do with ensuring your hot tub water is clean, safe and comfortable for relaxing in. 

When you shock dose your hot tub, you add a high quantity of Chlorine, Bromine of non-Chlorine shock. Typically, 5-10 times the usual quantity depending on need. 

This extra large dose helps to break down the combined Chlorine (‘used up’ Chlorine) and other contaminants in the water. Helping to clear your water and restore sanitiser effectiveness. 


Why should you shock dose your hot tub?

There are a couple of reasons why shock dosing your hot tub is a good idea. It:

  • Kills bacteria: Sometimes bacteria can survive the regular sanitisation routine. Shock dosing with Chlorine of Bromine will kill off any remaining bacteria. 
  • Removes organic compounds from the water: Humans carry organic compounds on their skin, such as dead skin, oils and cosmetics. These can quickly accumulate in the hot tub water and cause cloudy water. Especially if there is heavy usage. Shock dosing the hot tub will remove these compounds for clean and clear water. 
  • Breakdown Chloramines: Shocking once a week will help break down these contaminants so they can be easily removed from the water.

What are Chloramines?
Simply speaking Chloramines are ‘used Chlorine’. Chlorine combines with organic waste (saliva, dead skin etc) to produce chloramines. It is these that form the strong Chlorine odour that is often mistaken for too much Chlorine. 

When should I shock dose my hot tub?

There is the option of both Chlorine based shock treatments and non-Chlorine based shock treatments. Both can be used under different circumstances.

Chlorine-based shock treatments?

Chlorine-based shock treatments will both kill bacteria and oxidise of chloramides 

You should use a Chlorine based shock treatment when:

  • The hot tub is first started up
  • You have just changed the hot tub water
  • The hot tub hasn’t been used in a while
  • Your hot tub has been heavily used
  • The first signs of algae appear

Non-Chlorine based shock treatment?

If you use your hot tub regularly and are looking to clear up the water and break down Chloramines. Then, non-Chlorine based shock treatment is the one for you. 

How to shock dose your hot tub

You can shock dose your hot tub yourself. 

To do this:

  1. Remove your cover.
  2. Test the pH and adjust to a range between 7.2 – 7.6. Oxidisers work best in a low pH environment. The shock will work twice as well at a pH of 7.6, then it will at 8.
  3. Turn the pumps on so the water can circulate. But leave any air blowers off for ‘calm water’.
  4. Measure the level of chemical you need for the water capacity. And dose according to instructions.
  5. Test the water afterwards to see when it is safe to enter the water. 

Hot tub maintenance – a step-by-step guide

In the end…

Shock dosing your hot tub water is going to help keep your water clear, safe and comfortable to use. And should help avoid excessive draining and re-filling. Keeping your costs down. And giving you more time to relax. 

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