Should i install an in-ground spa?

Imagine this! You've just done your pool lengths and now you need to relax. You need an in-ground spa.

Whether it’s a commercial property, or in your own home. No luxury pool hall is complete without a matching in-ground spa. 

An in-ground spa is built-in and plumbed in. It is a permanent structure, built similar to a swimming pool with an external heater, pump and filtration system. 

At Eagle Leisure, we offer two options for your in-ground spa: tiled or acrylic.

We also offer extensive refurbishment services on in-built spas. If your pool hall is looking tired and you wish to give it a new lease of life, spa regeneration can offer an economical means of achieving this.



The acrylic shell forms the majority of the spa, while the surrounding areas can be tileD to match the pool area, or pool hall. The acrylic spa allows for beautiful integration to the pool hall, while offering an economical alternative to the fullly tiled spa.


The tiled spa is delivered, fully tiled to your premises. Lights and jets are pre-installed for a fast installation. We can tile match to your pool, to create a beautifully finished and consistent design across the whole pool room.

how much does an in-ground spa cost?

How much your in-ground spa costs will depend on whether you go for an acrylic or a tiled spa. 

The installation of an in-ground spa is a little bit different from a freestanding hot tub. It’s not as simple as deliver it and wire it in. You will need to employ a pool contractor to install an in-ground spa. It is a plumbed in, built in, permanent construction. The plumbing, filtration and heating are all external to the spa and housed in a mini plant room (or the same plant room as your swimming pool).

The complexity of the installation itself makes an in-ground swimming pool more expensive. The team will need to be more experienced and skilled than required for a freestanding hot tub. 

Plus, the installation time is much longer. Anywhere between a few days and a few weeks depending on the size of the spa. 

Cost will vary depending on the size. But the approx. cost of a 2m x 2m acrylic in-ground spa would be £16,000 plus VAT. The approx. cost of a 2m x 2m tiled in-ground spa would be £28,000 plus VAT.


It will depend on the size and features. But an average 2m x 2m acrylic in-ground spa will be £16,000 + VAT

Much like a swimming pool we don’t do the excavation or surround work. So you will likely need to employ a builder and trades to complete the external tiling/decking etc. 

It will depend on the size and features. But an average 2m x 2m tiled in-ground spa will be £28,000 + VAT

what type of in-ground spa should I install?

Often, the choice between an acrylic and tiled in-ground spa will come down to price.. 

But if the budget isn’t an issue then you can go for whichever one takes your fancy and, if you are building a pool, whichever suits the style of swimming pool that you are installing. 

They both need the same water care. Tiled in-ground swimming pools can need a little extra care, as you need to make sure the calcium is properly levelled so the tiles are not damaged.