Whether it’s a commercial property, or in your own home. No luxury pool hall is complete without a matching in-ground spa.

At Eagle Leisure, we offer two options: tiled or acrylic.

We also offer extensive refurbishment services on in-built spas. If you’re pool hall is looking tired and you wish to give it a new lease of life, spa regeneration can offer an economical means of achieving this.


Tiled In-Ground Spas

Unrivalled luxury. Custom built to your specification.

The tiled spa is delivered, fully tiled to your premises. Lights and jets are pre-installed for a fast installation. We can tile match to your pool, to create a beautifully finished and consistent design across the whole pool room.

Acrylic In-Ground Spas

An alternative to the tiled in-ground spa. The acrylic shell forms the majority of the spa, while the surrounding areas can be tiles to match the pool area, or pool hall. The acrylic spa allows for beautiful integration to the pool hall, while offering an economical alternative to the fullly tiled spa.