How much does it cost to install a swimming pool?

cost to install a swimming pool

How much does it cost to install a swimming pool?

Thinking about getting a swimming pool? You’ve probably never bought one before.

Swimming pools are a massive cost investment. And a once in a lifetime purchase.

So, the price is going to be one of the major considerations when in the planning stages of a swimming pool.

Everywhere you look you’ll see that the cost of a swimming pool ‘depends’. And it does. It’s really difficult to give you a figure that is going to be applicable to your pool build. But we’re going to try!

What can impact the cost of a pool?

As most pools are completely bespoke, the price varies depending on a large number of variables including (but not limited to):

  1. Size
  2. Shape
  3. Features eg. automatic cover, upgraded lighting, water features
  4. Above ground vs In-ground pool
  5. Indoor vs Outdoor
  6. Types of pool construction eg. concrete, liner of one-piece

All the above features will affect the cost. As you’ve probably guessed, the larger the pool and the more customised the features, the more expensive your pool is going to be.

The other factors will have an impact on pricing too. Which will be explained in further detail below.

Above ground vs In-ground

Above ground, pools are available from £50. And they can go up to around £12,000.

They are exactly what they sound like. Pools that sit above the ground (sometimes partially sunken). And they are usually outdoor. Most of the cheaper options won’t have any heating or filtration included in the price and you will need to consider those costs separately, otherwise, you will essentially have a large paddling pool. 

For £50 – £1000, you will get a PVC or vinyl pool with no solid external structure. 

For £1000 – £12,000. You will get an above-ground, vinyl liner pool with a solid exterior (wood or metal). This will be a permanent structure. For £12,000 a heat pump and filtration will be included in the price, otherwise, you will need to factor this in as an extra cost. This price probably won’t include installation, so you will need to factor this into your costs.

We don’t install these. The reason being for the same price you can get a Swim Spa. Not only are they similar in size and price. But they are completely portable and the temperature can be easily and economically adjusted to keep it going all year round, rather than shutting it down during Winter. 

From now on, we will only be referring to in-ground pools. This is the type of pool you will typically have seen in hotels and gyms. The water is ground level and you climb down ladders into (or cannonball if you’re really wild).

in-ground swimming pool


Indoor versus outdoor

Yes, believe it or not. There are outdoor pools in Scotland.

Outdoor pools are generally at least £25,000 cheaper, just for the pool construction.


Outdoors pools need a heater for the water (especially in Scotland). But nothing is needed to control the air around it. It’s just your outdoor air. It would be a bit of a waste of energy to try and heat it. 

Indoors, not only do you need to heat the pool, but you need to control the air temperature and reduce the humidity to ensure no damage occurs to the interiors. This is all done by a fancy contraption know as the AHU (Air handling unit). The AHU plus the ventilation and ducting work that is needed alongside them, do add quite an expense on, hence why indoor pools are more expensive than outdoor.

Plus, you have to take into consideration the building that the pool is going to be housed in. If you’re lucky you might have a building with a large space just crying out for a pool. But, in most cases, a pool is installed as part of a larger building or extension. Not only do you need to cost for the building, but you need to consider everything around the outside of the pool that is not included within the pool cost eg. electrical wiring, lighting, floor tiling, painting etc. That will all accumulate to make indoor pools substantially more expensive, both for the pool alone and in the entirety of the project.

Although outdoor pools are cheaper. Consider how much use you will get out of it in Scotland. It is common to ‘Winterise’ the pool. Which, means it is such down and decommissioned over the Winter months (usually between Oct – April). The longer you want your pool open throughout the year, the larger a heat pump you will need, which in turn will be more expensive. Also, to keep it at temperature year round, you will likely have higher heating costs than you would for an indoor pool.

How much does a pool cost? (on average)?

On average an in-ground swimming pool will cost between £60,000 – £125,000 to install. 

However, everything mentioned above can have an impact on price.So this is really a ballpark figure. 

Price of each pool

Firstly, read these blog posts to get your knowledge up to scratch on each different pool construction:

Sprayed concrete pool
Liner pool
One-piece pool

These costs below are guidelines for a domestic pool, around 10M x 4M, with a good quality, entry level spec. They are the prices that can be expected of any good swimming pool installer in Scotland.


Outdoor – £75,000 + VAT
Indoor – £125,000 + VAT


Outdoor – £70,000 + VAT
Indoor – £105,00 + VAT


Outdoor – £60,000 + VAT
Indoor – £80,000 + VAT

What does a pool installation cost exclude?

Most specialist pool companies, do not take responsibility for the ground work and construction work. They purely construct the pool and take care of any specialist pool and plant work. Make sure you get a full list of exclusions along side an official quote so you know what is and isn’t included. 


Hopefully, that has helped give you a very rough guide, on how much you can expect it to cost to install a swimming pool in Scotland. These are very approximate figures.

I’d suggest if you are thinking about getting a pool, read the three blogs above to get an idea of what you are looking for, and if the approximate budget is feasible. After that, contact a company for your bespoke quote to get things moving.

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