How much does a sauna and steam room cost per month?

cost to run a sauna and steam room

How much does it cost to run a sauna and steam room?

Before deciding if you are going to commit to buying. You not only want to know how much a sauna and steam room will cost initially. But how much it is going to cost to run a sauna and steam room per month.

You wouldn’t buy a car if you couldn’t afford to put petrol in it. And you shouldn’t install a sauna or a steam room before knowing if you can afford to use it.

But, the good news is that saunas and steam rooms require very little maintenance. Because of this, it is surprisingly economical to run a sauna and steam room.

How much electricity does a sauna or steam room use?

Both saunas and steam rooms use electricity to power them. And how much electricity they consume will depend on how long you are running them for. Typically, commercial saunas or steam rooms will run through out the day and cost a lot more to run that they would in a domestic setting if you use it for half an hour at a time. 

For a home sauna or steam room the typical running costs will be between £10 – £30 per month per unit

If you have both a sauna and a steam room, which are being used equally then this will double.

How to work out the running cost of your sauna or steam room

A standard household sauna and steam room run of a 6Kw heater. The average household unit price is 13p/kW hour. And, let’s assume the average duration of a sauna/steam room is approx. 30 mins a day (10 mins warming up + 20 mins use). You can use the following formula to work our an approx. running cost for your sauna or steam room:


Stove/generator kW x unit price x duration x no. of days used 

Approx. monthly electricity cost

6kW x £0.13 x 0.5hours x 30days=

£0.39per day or approx £11.70/month (per sauna/steam room.

This formula can easily be adjusted depending on the circumstances. Commercial units may use larger stoves or generators, to account for the bigger space. Plus, they will likely run 12-16 hours per day. You may have a large domestic sauna or steam room, which would require a bigger stove. Or you may only use your sauna or steam room once or twice per week. So you can reduce the number of days used to lower the price. 

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What are the hidden costs of sauna and steam rooms?

There is very little other maintenance in a sauna or a steam room, so the cost beyond running costs are very low. But there are a few other things you may want to consider, that could cost money over the lifetime of the sauna or steam room.

  1. Service/maintenance visit
  2. Cleaning your sauna or steam room
  3. Replacement elements for your sauna
  4. Replacement parts for your sauna stove or steam generator

1. Sauna or steam room service/maintenance visit

difference between a sauna and steam room

We would recommend a routine maintenance/service visit on your sauna or steam room. Yearly, at minimum. But you might want to opt for 6 monthly if you have high usage. This helps ensure everything is running as it should. And pre-empts any problems that are likely to occur.

The price of a service will vary depending on the company used, and where you live. The average price for a sauna or steam room service in Glasgow will be £172.80.

2. Cleaning your sauna or steam room

Keeping on top of the cleaning in your sauna and steam room is really simple. Saunas are so hot, that most people don’t even bother to clean them. But if you’re super clean you can opt to use a wood cleaner. 

Steam rooms are fully tile or acrylic, so you can just clean them using suitable household cleaners in the same way you would you bath. In hard water areas you might need to use a steam room descaler routinely to get rid of hardened calcium. This won’t likely be necessary in most parts of Scotland. But, if you do need it it will £20.10/kg.

3. Replacement elements for your sauna

In a domestic sauna, the element responsible for heating up the sauna, should last for years. But we often find, especially in commercial saunas, that the elements need replaced due to breakage. This is usually down to someone being a bit liberal with water application. So, we don’t often see this is domestic saunas.

Each sauna stove usually has three elements. Replacements are between £60-£100 per element, depending on the stove. 

But, we will stress. That it is rare to see this type of breakage in domestic saunas. As people are usually a bit more careful with applying water to the stove. 

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4. Replacement parts for your sauna stove or steam generator

cost to run a sauna and steam room

As with everything you will need to consider that at some point you may need to pay for repairs for your sauna or steam room. The cabins of both these, if built well, will last a lifetime in a domestic setting. So you may find that you have to replace parts of even the full stove or steam generator within the lifetime of the sauna or steam room. 

If repairs or replacements are needed then the price will vary. For full sauna stove and steam generators you are usually looking at anywhere between £500 – £3000. But this will vary on manufacturer and supplier. 

The best way to avoid this is to opt for a great quality stove or steam generator to begin with. And partner with a supplier who is able to carry out service on it, to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. 

How can I reduce my sauna and steam room running costs?

Although running costs are already low, it’s always good to see where you can save money on ongoing costs. And try to keep our carbon footprint down in the process. 

Yearly or 6-monthly service are an expense at the time. But we usually find that people who invest in ongoing services, avoid unexpected repairs. And in the long term save money.

There is also the option from Tylö to install a WI-FI controlled sauna stove or steam generator unit. These are great for controlling the sauna or steam room in a domestic setting. Offering the convenience of switching it on and controlling the settings, all without having to move from the couch. And the Wi-Fi units are very popular in commercial settings. As they allow full control and customisation of the settings to account for high and low bather usage times. But the best part is that you can customise the temperature settings, and set a timer. Letting you take advantage of the energy savings features. The Tylö stove or steam generator, is at the high end of the market so will cost you more during the installation of the sauna or steam room. 

In summary

Sauna and steam rooms are very low maintenance options. So if you are looking for something to help you relax and add a little bit of luxury to your home. Without spending lots of time or money on upkeep then a sauna or steam room may be the solution for you. 

The cost to run a sauna and steam room will be approx. £10 – £30 per month. But this will vary depending on a few circumstances. And it’s best to work our your average running costs based on the size of your stove, electrical unit rate, average duration time and the number of days the sauna or steam room will likely run per month. 

On top of monthly running costs you may need to factor in some other expenses, including routine maintenance, and possible maintenance parts. But overall, sauna and steam rooms have comparatively low running costs and ongoing maintenance costs.

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