UltraLift Hydraulic cover lift


Fitting a cover lift not only makes hopping into your hot tub easier. But it helps protect the cover. Keeping it looking great, and energy efficient for longer.

The UltraLift hydraulic cover lift is the enhance UltraLift. It fits almost any hot tub. It has all the same features as the standard model. But with the addition of dual gas pistons to help make it easier to remove and replace the cover. 

It’s unique in that it can be fitted at any height on the spa. So you can choose from top mount, mid mount, bottom mount or deck mount.

This allows you to vary the height you cover will sit at when the hot tub cover is open. The unique pivot design is easy to use, and allows you to operate the spa cover lift from either side of the spa.

Fits spas up to 2.77m.

Requires 305mm clearance.

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