It’s no secret, that the Scandinavians are some of the happiest people in the world. And we like to think that at least some of that is down to their love of Saunas. At Eagle Leisure, we’re spreading the love and happiness around Scotland with luxury, custom built saunas that are completely customisable. For both your home or your business.


Why do we custom build our saunas?


home saunaAt Eagle Leisure, we specialise in bespoke, custom built Saunas. Our team of joiners come out to your house or commercial property and build your Sauna, on site. Making it to perfectly suit the space you have available.


Our fully customised approach allows us to be 100% flexible in size, design and layout. We can accommodate sizes and shapes that would be otherwise unsuitable for saunas. And most importantly we have complete control over the quality of workmanship.

We've built saunas in bathrooms, spare rooms, and garages. We've even built a Harry Potter style sauna in a cupboard under the stairs.



Who do we work with?


♦ Homes looking for a luxury and bespoke sauna. 

♦ Commercial properties such as gyms, hotels or leisure centres. 

♦ Existing saunas in homes or commercial properties that need a bit of love and care in the form of a refurbishment.