Custom built, tiled Steam rooms

At Eagle Leisure, we build bespoke, tiled steam rooms. Using a specially designed insulated pod, complete will a tile of your choice. We custom build steam rooms to your exact size and design specifications.

How to work out the cost of your steam room

All of our saunas are custom built to size and specification. So no two quotes are the exact same. 

But, we do use a standard formula to work out the core package price. You can use this to calculate the approx. cost of your steam room based on the likely size

Calculate the approx. cost using the below formula:

£ 2640 x linear metres
This includes:
  • Custom built insulated, tiled steam pod
  • Deluxe steam generator
  • Glass safety door
  • Starry night lighting

In 90% of the cases this will be the cost. Although there are some features that may increase the cost. These are:

Optional Extra Cost
Full glass front Approx. £1056+VAT/metre

NB: Costs include VAT at the current rate