At Eagle Leisure, we create top class, bespoke, luxury steam rooms.

We might be biased, but we think the steam rooms we build and install are pretty fantastic. With the perfect combination of style, beauty and durability.

Using a specially designed insulated pod, complete will a tile of your choice and lighting. We build and install a custom built steam room to your exact size and design specifications. Completely bespoke, completely customisable.

And steam rooms aren’t just found where you would expect. Sure, they’ve long been a firm favourite among hotels, leisure centres and other commercial properties. But, that’s not all. Steam rooms are fast becoming a popular choice for in-home.

Why should you install a Steamroom?

Steam rooms are the slightly cooler sibling of the Sauna.

Their temperatures only reach around 45-50 degrees Celsius. But, with 100% humidity, it’s going to feel a whole lot hotter.

You’re still going to sweat. A lot!

Love of a steam room over a sauna is down to personal preference. But some people find the ‘wet’ heat more comfortable to sit in compared to the intense heat of a sauna. Plus, the moisture can be great for respiratory problems such as asthma.

The steam room is popular as part of a well being routine. It has a mysterious and ambient environment. Which, can be enhanced through the addition of a relaxing fragrance, such as eucalyptus, that is released alongside the steam.



You’ll notice that we don’t have a price list available.

Annoying right?

But as everything is completely bespoke, it’s difficult to come up with a ‘standard’ price list.

We’ve recorded the below video to help you understand the different types of steam room. And how much each one will cost.