What is a swim spa? (and 4 reasons why we love them)

swim spa
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What is a swim spa?

Not sure how to decide between a hot tub or a swimming pool?

Gone are the days of having to choose

Lots of people would LOVE to have a swimming pool in their home. But space or financial restrictions can often put a damper on those dreams. 

Enter the Swim Spa

A swim spa is a fully portable unit with facilities for both hot tubbing and swimming. It offers the best of both worlds. 

Swim Spas use powerful currents of water, or ‘jet streams’, that allow you to swim continuously. It simulates the motions of swimming in a large swimming pool or open water and creates an endless pool.

On top of that, there is room to relax and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy with either lounger seats, benching or in some cases a separate attached hot tub. 

The temperature is fully controllable, so you can change it as need be with the seasons. 


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Why do we love Swim Spas?

There are a few reasons that we love Swim Spas.

#1 Swim Spas are great value for money

Swim Spas certainly are not cheap. 

But with a price tag starting around £14,995 (including delivery and installation), they are certainly an economical alternative to most swimming pools. 

Plus, you can get the added benefit of hydrotherapy seats. 

Two for one. Bargain!

Plus, running costs on swim spas are much lower. They cost between £30 and £70 per month, depending on the size of it and temperature you are running at. 

But much like hot tubs, this price can increase dramatically if you buy a poorly manufactured hot tub that is not well insulated. We recommend full cabinet foam insulation and a lockable, insulated lid to keep the running costs low. 

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#Swim spas are great for keeping fit

The ‘river jets’ or jet streams in a swim spa allow you to swim length, after length, after length in a relatively small space. You never have to turn around or stop (until you’re tired). 

In other words, swim spas are really good for keeping fit. 

But, Swim Spas aren’t just great for swimming. With a swim tether for extra resistance, exercise bands and detachable row bars, you can enjoy a whole host of conditioning and rehabilitative exercises. Plus, you can even add underwater bikes or treadmills. 

The possibilities are endless for this versatile piece of kit.

#Swim spas are great for your health

Hot Tubs and swim spas utilise the health benefits of water which have been revered for thousands of years. They use a process called ‘hydrotherapy’. Which, manipulates the temperature and pressure of water for unique health benefits.

There are so many benefits to hot tubs including muscle relaxation, improved sleep and reduced stress levels. Plus, they are great for treating conditions such as Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

Health benefits of spa and hot tubs
Hot Tub benefits – Arthritis
Hot Tub benefits – Fibromyalgia

#4 Swim spas are fully portable

Lastly, but certainly not least. Swim Spas as great as they are fully portable

So, if you are thinking about installing a swimming pool. But, aren’t quite in your forever home. Or don’t want to commit to staying there indefinitely. You can get a swim spa safe in the knowledge that when you want to move. Your swim spa can go with you. 

In summary

Swim spas are an amazing alternative if you can’t decide between a swimming pool or a hot tub. In many cases, they may be more suitable than either. 

They offer the benefits of a hot tub and swimming pool rolled into one. Plus, they are fully portable should you ever decide to move. And a lot more economical to buy and run than pools

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