Repairs or replacements

Uh-oh! Something has broken and you need it fixed. 

We have a team of superheroes. Their mission? To help get your swimming pool, hot tub, sauna or steam room back up and running. 

Whether you bought from us, or not.  Get in touch to see how we can help.

Watch this if you didn't originally buy from us...

What we don't do....

  • Source unbranded or poor quality parts for repairs or replacement. We only use our trusted suppliers.
  • Provide warranty or assurances on parts we haven't repaired or replaced
  • Install parts bought from other suppliers
  • Predict the future. We can ONLY offer a diagnosis and quote for work that currently needs done. We can tell you what parts are worse for wear and MIGHT need replaced in the future. But we can't guarantee if/when this will need done.

What kind of help do you need from us?

I know what the problem is, and I know what parts I need to fix it...

You need a no-obligation quote
  • You know the exact problem + what parts you need to fix it
  • You can email a picture + details on the serial and model number
  • You take responsibility for the correct details being provided
  • If you go ahead with the quote 100% will be paid up-front

*The following charges will be applied if you supply information, which results in the wrong parts being supplied.

  • 25% restocking fee (supply only)
  • 25% restocking fee + call our charge (supply & install)

Help! Something is wrong, but I don't know what is causing it...

You need a diagnosis visit
  • Something isn't working. But you don't know what is causing it
  • You need us to come our and diagnose/fix the problem
  • If it's not possible to fix on the first visit you will get a quote
  • If you go ahead with the quote 100% will be paid up-front

*Whether you take the quote or not, you will be liable to pay either the:

  • Initial diagnosis call out + time on site
  • The full quote (in advance of work)

Most repairs and replacements fall into one of these two categories. But every job is different and the circumstances are different. When you contact us, we will advise on how best to approach the repair.

The problem with hot tub leaks...

You go out to use your hot tub and…it’s half empty. What do you do?

It sounds silly. But water is a tricky to work with. It can literally wriggle it’s way out of almost anywhere. And that what makes leaks notoriously hard to work with. So hard, that a lot of companies refuse to fix them. But not us, because we’re helpful like that. 

You might be lucky and it’s a little/obvious leak. Or you might be a little less lucky and you have multiple leaks. 

This is what you can expect if you have a hot tub leak:

  • Hot tubs need to be full to be tested.
  • Therefore, we need to fix the leak before we can tell you anything further is wrong.
  • We charge a call out fee to come out to your house (based on postcode). This covers our travel time, petrol and up to one hour working on the hot tub. If the water has stopped dropping, we advise popping the hose in before we are due to arrive so our engineers can see the water leaking out. If we can see it we can fix it.
  • It's pretty impossible to tell how long it will take to find a leak(s). So we charge by time. After the call out hour is up, we charge £67.20/hour.
  • We may need to drain the hot tub to fix the leak. If so we'll pump the water to a vinyl bag to save time and water.
  • Hopefully once the leak(s) is fixed everything else is working. If not, we can quote for any further works that need done.
  • If, after the leak(s) are fixed you decide not to go ahead with any further work required. We will still charge you for the leak works and repairs.

It can seem a little unfair that we charge if further work is needing done to fix the hot tub. Because, the hot tub might not be leaking. But it also still isn’t working. However, if we take the considerable time to come out and find and fix the leak. We need to charge for it. 

That’s why we strongly urge you to consider the age and condition of your hot tub before authorising any repairs, as in instances like this costs can snowball.

Leak scenario 1

Your hot tub was working perfectly but now it's losing water
  • Fixing the leak should get the hot tub back up and running.

Leak scenario 2

You've have ongoing problems/you've bought 2nd hand and never seen the tub running
  • You may find you have more problems once the leak is fixed.