In-ground swimming pools

We specialise in one-piece pools and liner pool, both indoors and outdoors. 

A pool build is one of the most technically demanding and challenging aspects of leisure construction. So it is essential that your pool installation is done by a highly qualified and experienced team.



Quite simply, the one-piece Pool, does what it says on the tin. It’s a pool that comes in one piece.

The pool shell and all optional finishes such as skimmers; underwater lighting and jets are manufactured in the factory to meet your specifications and then delivered completed to site. Customisation options are available, but are limited by pre-moulded designs. Overall width is also limited as the pool has to be delivered via road to site.

This one-piece model makes installation time extremely efficient, with the process only taking a few days once the pool is on site. Plus, with low maintenance and a durable shell you’ll get more time to enjoy your pool.

Eagle Leisure can take care of the complete pool construction for you. Alternatively, we can offer it on a supply only basis to be installed by your own team..


Niveko are the creators of the ‘Custom-Built Monopool’ manufactured for both domestic and commercial use. Our engineers have been trained by Niveko specialists in the Czech Republic, allowing us to install the high quality Monopools the way the manufacturers intended.

Niveko offers two pool lines: Basic & Exclusive.

BASIC: The perfect choice for anyone looking for a standard one-piece, skimmer or overflow design pool. These can be customised to suit size and shape preferences.

EXCLUSIVE: Want something a bit different? The Exclusive range emphasises architectural design and innovative solutions. The range includes an infinity edge monopool and a the first silent overflow pool, for those concerned with noise pollution.



Liner pools have recently increased in popularity. They rival sprayed concrete pools in appearance and offer major savings in time and construction costs. At Eagle Leisure, we offer two options in vinyl liner pools: blockwork & steel panel.

Liner pools are not entirely bespoke, but offer an attractive level of customisation with options for both shape and size. The liners themselves come in a range of patterns and colours, including options designed to look like a traditional tiled pools.

Once installed, the PVC liner is virtually maintenance free and can be expected to last anywhere between 5 & 10 years depending on the style of liner chosen.

Both blockwork and steel panel liner pools can be created by a trained builder or DIY enthusiast, with Eagle Leisure supplying and fitting the liner. Alternatively, Eagle Leisure can be contracted to complete the whole pool construction.