What electrical supply does a sauna need?

What electrical supply do I need for a sauna?


Saunas are pretty low maintenance. And you can install them almost anywhere.

But, if you’ve opted for an electric sauna stove. Then the one thing you do need is a suitable electrical supply. 

This is usually going to be more than your standard 13AMP plug socket unless it’s very small. Or in the case of some Infrared models. So, the chances are you are going to have to get a dedicated wire run out.

 So, what power supply do you need to install for a sauna?

What power supply should I install for my sauna?

That’s the million dollar questions.

The reality is it depends

The size of the sauna you decide to install will inform the stove. And the size of the stove will inform the size of the cable that is needed to power the sauna. 

We strongly recommend that you speak to you sauna supplier and confirm the size. They will then let you know what size of stove you will need to heat that size of sauna. And you can then work alongside them and your electrician to ensure the correct cable size is installed?

But you wanted an exact number right? Not just an it depends.

Most domestic saunas will use a 32AMP supply. But, again, that is based on the size of the sauna and the stove. So please, double check before you install that.

What kind of cable do I need for my sauna?

The cable running to the sauna, will depend.

But, remember that any cable on the inside of the sauna will need to be heat resistant to cope with the high temperatures of the sauna. 

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Do we install your sauna power supply?

Our engineer team consists of electricians. But, we don’t install the power cable to the sauna.

Once we know what size of sauna you are installing we will advise you on what power supply you will need. And we will work with your electrician to ensure that the correct power supply is installed. 

But we can do everything else once you have the electrical supply in place. We can wire in your lights and stove to fully commission your sauna along with everything else. 

So all you really need before is a suitable power supply and floor.

We do the rest.

In summary

Annoyingly there is no one size fits all for sauna power supplies. 

What I can say, is that it is unlikely you will be using a standard plug-in 13 AMP, unless you are using a kit infrared. So the chances are you will have to run a power cable off the mains.

But, what size this power supply is will depend on the size of your sauna and stove. 

First step. Decide what size of sauna you want/can fit. Then your supplier will be able to advise on what power supply you need to install to safely power your hot tub.

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