Steam room design. Where do I put my steam generator?

where do I put my steam generator

Do I need a plant room for my steam room?

We’ve already talked about how the steam in steam rooms is made in the steam generator. It’s like a giant kettle that heats the water supply and feeds it into the room through an inlet.  The eagle eyed among you might have noticed, that while the sauna is self-contained with the stove inside the room. The steam room isn’t. All you see in a small inlet.

So where does the steam generator go?

Where do I put my steam generator?

The steam generator needs to go out with the steam room. Especially in a custom built tile steam room where you don’t want to ruin the look of the tiles. 

There are two main things that you need to consider:

1. It has to be accessible

2. The closer the better

The steam room generator has to be installed somewhere that is accessible. Access is needed  for installation. And for any maintenance that needs carried out in the future. So putting it somewhere that will be sealed over after installation is not advisable. 

Also, planning to put your steam generator as close to the steam room as possible is advisable. Copper pipes are run from the steam generator to the inlet in the steam room. If the steam generator is far away it can increase the over all cost. Not only are copper pipes quite expensive. But the time taken to install them will increase and this will be considered in the cost. 

But, don’t worry if having it right next to the steam room isn’t possible. We’ve had instances where they have been installed at the other side of the building or in a loft. As long as we have a route to install copper pipes it’s possible. But if you can, try to stick to the above guidelines.

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Where we recommend your put your steam generator

As long as you follow the above guidelines the steam generator can go anywhere. 

We usually recommend installing in the ceiling space above the steam room, if possible. Alternatively a small plant room/cupboard to the side of the steam room can work well. In our showroom, the steam generator sits above the ceiling of the steam room. We can access it via a hatch for any necessary maintenance.

We will always do a site visit prior to installation. As long as the steam generator has a water and electric supply. And as long as we have a route to run copper pipes from the generator directly to the steam room, we can install it. So don’t worry about it if you are not sure. Just ask us during the initial site inspection and we’ll find the best place for it.

In summary

You do need to plan in where your steam generator will go during the design stages of a steam room. But, you just need to make it accessible. And try to get it as close as possible to the steam room itself. 

But, if you’re not sure just ask. And we’ll be happy to discuss the positioning of the steam room.

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