Why are we so expensive?

why are we so expensive?
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At Eagle Leisure, we are cheerleaders for quality. And we understand that quality costs.

Price is important! We know that. It’s important to us as consumers in our personal lives. And it important to us as a business. 

But, we strongly believe in getting the best price. Not the cheapest price. And more importantly the best value.

Are we more expensive?

The truth is, you will be able to find similar products and services for cheaper than we offer. Emphasis on similar. The majority of the time the products won’t be the exact same. As we partner with exclusive manufacturers, or build the products ourself. 

But in this industry, the delivery is just as important as the product. And over the past few decade we have come to the conclusions that there is one unavoidable truth:

Buy cheap, buy twice

It’s true in almost every industry. And unfortunately, it’s even truer than true for swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms. Cheap products and services are a false economy. In the long run, they cost more. Over the years we’ve had hundreds of customers who have come to us, only after trying to get work done cheaper elsewhere.

So, why not save yourself the stress and extra money. And come straight to us.

Yes, we might be a bit more expensive. But we like to think of ourselves as one of the best in the business.

Along with these guys:


Can’t find any prices online?

You might have to become a secret agent, skilled in the art of extracting valuable information, to get prices from leisure companies in Scotland. Or you could just give them a phone.

Online pricing, is lacking in the industry. And to be fair, it’s something that we have been guilty of too.

But that’s going to change!

It can be hard for us to display exact pricing online, as all our products and services are bespoke. But where we can’t give you accurate pricing, we will give you guidelines on how we work out the pricing., to help you understand how much you are likely to spend with us.

Why is Eagle Leisure more expensive?

It’s all about the quality of the product and service. Here are 9 reasons why Eagle Leisure is more expensive:

1. We install better products

We don’t build and sell the same products are everyone else. We build and sell better ones.

Like our customers, every swimming pool, sauna and steam room installation are unique. We custom build, which means we can be flexible, and build exactly what you want. Plus, this gives us complete control over the quality and workmanship. So, you really are getting more for your money.

And we’re the exclusive Scottish supplier of Canadian built, Coast Spa Hot Tubs. It’s true, we might be biased. But we think, their extra strong shell, their ultra-clean filtration system, plus the fact that they look pretty darn amazing, makes them the best hot tubs in the world. And you won’t find them anywhere else in Scotland.

We think it’s worth paying more for something special. Do you?

2. We work with the best suppliers

It’s simple! If we’re going to be the best, we need to work with the best.

Are yes, that does make things more expensive.

We’ve teamed up with the best suppliers, across the UK, Europe and North America. Suppliers who share our commitment to quality. Whether it’s a full new installation or a repair on an existing facility, we only use the best available parts and suppliers. We are confident that the parts we use will last.

Installing cheap parts to keep costs down will only cost you, and us, more in the long run. And we don’t want that.

3. We hold the warranty

Using great suppliers minimises the risk of things going wrong. But, it can still happen.

If it does, don’t fear, we’re here to help.

We hold the full parts and labour and warranty and work closely with our suppliers to ensure a replacement is sent out and installed as quickly as humanly possible.

Don’t opt for a cheaper company, only to find out they don’t care about you after they’ve got your money. Great aftersales might not be top of your buying wish list, but if you need it, you’ll wish you had it.

4. Our engineers are qualified and experienced?

Without a team of amazing staff, it really wouldn’t matter much what suppliers or warranties we offered. We pride ourselves on training and retaining excellent staff. And it’s them that keep the wheels turning on the quality train.

Our MD Joe is a qualified electrician, with over 35 years’ experience in the leisure industry. With his guidance, we’ve been lucky to cultivate a qualified and experienced team. Our engineering crew consists of super tradesmen as well as ISPE (Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers) technicians. Plus, Eagle Leisure is SPATA registered. Which, means we have regular inspections and a certificate to prove we build quality pools, that look great, and are, above all, safe to use.

With such a wide set of skills, it’s very rare that we can’t solve a problem. And we keep our engineers up to date with ongoing training, so they are on top of any industry developments.

It’s a team that we can confidently trust to get the job done.

5. We have an experienced support team

Our team doesn’t stop at our engineers.

We have a full support team who live at Eagle HQ. They are on hand to help with any queries or orders, whether it’s via email, phone or face-to-face.

It’s a team with an array of backgrounds. But we like to think of them as our teachers and problems solvers.

Armed with knowledge, and a lot of questions, our HQ team try to determine exactly what is wrong before the engineers come to visit you. Increasing the chance of fixing the problem on the first visit. Keeping your costs as low as possible.

It’s our biggest fear that you end up with a product you don’t want, whether it’s a hot tub, swimming pool or tub of chemicals. Our lovely team at HQ are committed to answering all your questions and helping you to make a decision that’s right for you.

With a full support team on-hand, it frees up our engineers to do what they do best. Making the whole process more efficient – and, hopefully, a nicer experience for you.

6. We don't pay our staff peanuts

‘Pay peanuts, get monkeys’

Remember those qualified and experienced staff that we mentioned before? Well, we want them to stay.

We have a responsibility to our customers to stay in business. But also to our staff. We never want to lose great staff because we’re paying them peanuts. And we never want to have to let staff go because we aren’t charging enough to keep them.

Treating staff well is something that we look for when searching for suppliers to work with. And something that is close to our heart on a personal level too. We hope it’s something you also value.

7. We are VAT registered

We pay VAT on most things and probably don’t even notice.

And one of those places you will pay VAT is with Eagle Leisure. We currently employ nine full-time members of staff. So, to keep in line with the law, we have to be VAT registered.

This does mean we are 20% more expensive than companies who aren’t VAT registered.

But it also means we’ve been around a while, and are likely to be here for a while longer. Which gives you much-needed peace of mind when you’re in the market for a high-value purchase. Don’t you agree?

8. We service and repair all brands and manufacturers

Many other companies, will only service or repair products that they sold. It’s easier.

We know that leaves people in a tough position if they can’t (or won’t) deal with the company that sold or installed their product.

For us, it can be almost impossible to source parts if it’s not a manufacturer we regularly deal with. Especially, if it’s an unrecognised manufacturer eg. if you’ve bought a Chinese hot tub. So, it can often take our staff hours to source a quality part that is suitable.

We also apply the same quality policy we use for installation and repairs on our own work. We won’t use cheap parts. This means, even if you have bought a cheap hot tub, we will quote for a quality replacement, from a reputable supplier. It may make it more expensive. But we aren’t here for the quick fix, and we won’t install parts we know are only going to break again.

9. We work across the whole of Scotland

All our engineers are employed directly by Eagle Leisure and based within Glasgow. But we work across the whole of Scotland.

This means we have full accountability for the work we carry out.

But, it also means that we have to price our ‘call outs’ based on a radius from our office. And, it will be more expensive for work in Aberdeen than it would be in Glasgow.

To help even the playing field, we include the first hour of work in the call out charge. We find a lot of jobs can be completed within the first hour and you don’t have to pay anymore.

We also charge a flat hourly rate of £55 + VAT after the first hour. And if we have to come back for work related to the original call out, you are only charged the hourly rate. You are not charged the call out again.

How do we keep your costs down?

It’s not all about spending money. We know the price is important. And we don’t want you spending money if it’s not necessary. That’s why we do a few things, to keep the costs down, and help you get the BEST price possible:

  1. We work closely with our regular suppliers to form long-lasting relationships. Any discounts we get for this supplier loyalty, we pass along to customers.
  2. We ask a lot of questions. Far from being annoying, we believe asking questions, solves problems. This way we can hopefully figure out what is wrong before we get out to you. Reducing time on site, and saving you money.
  3. We try to fix things. This might sound obvious, but if our engineers weren’t trained in fault finding, anything that went wrong would have to be replaced. Which, you guessed it, would be expensive. Training our engineers well increases the chances that we can fix instead of replacing. Which keeps costs down.
  4. We don’t sell you things you don’t need. We’re not really good at this ‘sales’ thing. We just want happy customers, with working products. So we’ll never try to sell you anything you don’t need or won’t use.

In summary

So, there you have it. Are eagle leisure more expensive? Yes.

Why are we more expensive? Because we are the best.

Are we worth it? 100%

Are you and your products worth it? Absolutely.

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Debbie Ekins
Debbie Ekins
Eagle Leisure - Sales & Marketing Manager Mission = to arm you with the knowledge you need to make the best buying decisions. Fuelled by coffee (and naps). Explorer of Scotland and the world.
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